How to Increase Flight Time in an RC Helicopter?

When it comes to flight time, this is a question for most users! Today, Tattu will teach you how to increase flight time!

Flying your helicopter is by far the best part about owning it; however, sometimes the joy of flying is short lived and you find yourself waiting around by the charger instead of watching your piloting skills at work. Learning how to increase your aircraft’s flight time will enable you to experience more flight time per charge, which can result in more time to practice your newest aerial stunts.

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Many people thought to increase flight time with a bigger-capacity battery, but this will also add weight. More weight will lower the flight speed, and will reduce handling somewhat.

The best way to increase flight time is changing you TATU professional UAV batteries. Have the charged batteries in hand and removing the used battery and replacing it with a charged one. In that way you should have several sessions of flight in one go with only a short break between them. You would have to fit a connector (JST mini would be good) in order to do this, but you will have to do that for the battery you posted a link on. This is kinder on the heli than bigger batteries and also give the motors time to cool a little while you change batteries.

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