How to choose USB Car Charger

These days, we are fixed to our tablets and smartphones, but sadly, it’s difficult to make certain they’re ever juiced up. For instance, say the entire family wants a charge on a road journey? No difficulty. Plus if you require giving any extra energy to backseat drivers? so, there’s one more thing you shouldn’t leave home without: a USB car charger. With it to make certain your smart phone never falls out of phone’s battery.

What is USB car charger ?

In simple terms, a USB car charger is a small gadget that plugs into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter or accessory port, and provides one or more powered USB outlets.

It’s typically used to charge smartphones and tablets, but can also be used to power battery packs, certain models of camera, and many other USB-powered devices.

How to choose USB car charger?

There are more and more car chargers with lots of different functions in the market, so, how to choose one? Here are some tips for you.

choose car chargers

  1. What to charge

At first, you need to know what the devices you want to charge with USB car charger. There are many USB powered devices such as smart phone, tablets, MP3, PSP, GSP etc. You need to figure out what kind of devices and how many devices you need to charge. Then, you also need to know your devices can compatible with some special functions such as Qualcomm Quickcharge, power delivery, and others. There is more and more USB car charger can support these functions. It makes an easy life.

  1. High Amp Output

A good charger would provide you with at least 2.1 Amps (or 2100 mA) per USB port. This is so that you can also charge your Android tablets and iPads at their optimal speed since smartphones usually only require 1.0 Amps (or 1000 mA). So if you’re looking for the highest performing dual USB car charger, you want to look for a 4.8A USB car charger. This means that each USB port provides 2.4 Amps, which is more than sufficient to charge two iPads simultaneously. On the other hand, if the Amp output per USB port is below 2.1 Amps per USB port, the charger would do well charging two smartphones, but not as much with two tablets. And if the car charger can support Quick charge 3.0, it can provide 3.A/9V, but only some devices support the Quickcharge.

  1. Number of ports

For someone with multiple devices, using a car charger with only a single port could prove to be a major hindrance. A USB car charger with at least two ports can save you a lot of time and frustration from having to remember to switch off between powering different devices. It also saves you from the awkward situation of accidentally hanging up on a call because your phone went out of battery. Additionally, it allows everyone on the ride to have a chance at powering up their USB devices

  1. The safety

Don’t settle for bad chargers of dubious quality which might compromise on certain safeguards that other models provide for handling the fluctuations in voltage or for taking care of overheating problems. Many good chargers made by some resistant fire-proof materials and have multiple protections such as overcharge protection, overheat protection etc.

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