How to Choose the Best RC Helicopter Lipo Battery

I wrote an article about “top best gens ace RC helicopter batteries for sale” in April last year. I recommended some popular RC helicopter batteries in that article. For the RC helicopter battery, do you really choose RC helicopter lipo battery? Today, I will tell you how to choose.

Gens ace 2200mAh rc heli battery


This is where the LiPo batteries rank higher than any other battery. While the standard NiMH or NiCad batteries provide 1.2 V per cell of voltage, the LiPo batteries are capable of providing a voltage of 3.7 V per cell. On top of this, the LiPo batteries for RC Helicopter have two or more cells connect in a series to provide higher voltages.

For RC Helis which are bigger in size, LiPo batteries with more cells are an option. When you are shopping for batteries for your helicopter, make sure that you are getting the most suitable voltage. Ensure that you get an appropriate size for your helicopter.

Mostly for 450 class helicopter will use 11.1V with about 3500KV motor, just you want to use 22.2V battery you can simply choose a motor with KV about 1700 which is a half to 3500KV.

For the higher than 450 class helicopters always use 22.2V battery since it is much powerful.


This is the amount of power store in each battery pack. The unit of measurement for capacity is milliamp hour (mAh). In other words, it is amount of load that can be put in any battery for a time frame of 1 hour during which the battery will be completely discharged.

An example: if a LiPo battery has a capacity of 1000mAh, it will take 1 hour to completely discharge the battery with a load of 1000mAh placed on it. If a load of 500mAh placed, the battery will take 2 hours for complete discharge. So, while purchasing a battery, you need to keep in mind the amount of charge drawn by the RC Helicopter.

If you do not satisfy the flying time of your helicopter, you can choose the battery with higher mAh. However you need to keep in mind that the bigger mAh may cause the higher weight.

For bigger RC Helicopters, it is wise to get batteries which have higher capacity for that so you can fly your helicopter for a longer period of time.

Discharge Rate:

This is the final thing that you must consider while choosing the batteries. This actually refers to the amount of time taken by the battery for safe and complete discharge. In case of LiPo batteries, the discharge rate is indicated by “C”.

If the discharge rating for any battery is 10C, this means that the battery will be completely discharged at a rate which is 10 times more than the capacity of the battery. Higher the discharge rate, the better it is.

Your Helicopter is a valuable investment. Don’t buy a cheap power source. Often people will choose the cheaper options, they end up spending more in the long run. Choose a battery from

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