How to buy battery and use precautions

How to buy battery?

1. To choose has “national exemption” “Chinese famous brand” marks of the battery products and local famous brand products, that have the quality guarantee. Such as Gens ace&Tattu RC lipo battery.
2. According to requirement of the electrical appliances, to choose the battery type and size, and also according to the size of the electrical appliances power consumption and characteristic, to purchase the fit battery.
3. Check the battery of the production date and shelf life, to choose the new battery, the new battery has better performance.
4. Check the battery of appearance, should to choose and buy the battery of package exquisite,look neat and clean and no leakage.

5. Pay attention to the battery marks, shall identify the manufacturer name, polarity, type, nominal voltage, trademark and others on battery. On the sales packaging, shall have the address, production date and shelf life or indicate shelf life of deadline, execution of the standard number. When buying the ALKALINE zinc manganese battery should has the “ALKALINE” or “LR”.
6. Due to mercury in battery is harmful to the environment, in order to protect the environment, when you purchase the battery should has trademark with “no mercury” “0% mercury” “no contain mercury”.

Tattu lipo battery

Using the battery should be attention

1. Keep the clean between electrical and battery contact parts, wipe with wet cloth when necessity, after drying according to the polarity marked loaded correctly. It’s very important things when install the battery should to see clearly the battery polarity, we should be according to the requirement of electrical appliances manual installation using the recommended battery; If not,maybe lead to failure, and damage the electrical appliance or battery.
2. Don’t mix of the old and new batteries, should be replaced them at the same time. And don’t mix the same type but different brand of batteries, or you will make a set of some batteries in the battery over discharge in use, thus increasing the battery of leakage possibility.
3. Don’t heat or charge for disposable batteries, otherwise the possibly explosion.
4. Don’t short circuit, to avoid the battery leakage and heat by damage to the insulating outer packing.
5. Remove the battery when you don’t use the electrical appliances for a long time, and after used should turn off the power, lest make the batteries continue to discharge its internal battery adverse chemical reaction and lead to leaks.
6. Don’t discarded the wasted battery, as far as possibly to separated with other rubbish.

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