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High energy density lipo battery for drone - Tattu NMC Semi Solid Battery

High energy density lipo battery for drone - Tattu NMC Semi Solid Battery

Posted by Gens ace Tattu on Apr 26th 2023

To reduce costs and increase battery energy density, one viable method recognized by the industry involves increasing nickel content while decreasing cobalt by adjusting the material formula. This high-nickel formula battery was first applied to new energy vehicles. With a growing demand for high energy battery systems across various fields, battery manufacturer Grepow (DBA: TATTU) has continued to innovate and develop, producing the NMC Semi Solid battery series that is suitable for use in UAV aerial.

Now, Tattu has officially launched the NMC series of high energy density drone batteries, based on the standard of new energy vehicles. Compared to regular batteries, the energy density of NMC batteries exceeds the industry standard of 250Wh/kg, reaching 275Wh/kg, and the dynamic voltage is less than 100mV. This technology has improved battery life, providing users with a more convenient, safer, and better power selection option.

The NMC adjusts and optimizes the proportion of nickel, manganese, and cobalt in the battery cathode, which can effectively improve the performance of the battery in all aspects. "Through revolutionary lithium battery manufacturing processes, we continue to pursue breakthroughs in battery technology and have developed new NMC batteries for the drone industry," said Peter Liu, general manager of Grepow Battery. "This will greatly promote the development of drone battery technology and may potentially replace many existing drone battery technologies, while reducing battery costs."

Currently, most lithium batteries use a winding process, with graphite as the negative electrode. Although the graphite negative electrode has high stability, its energy density is relatively low (the theoretical capacity is about 372mAh/g). However, Tattu NMC batteries use silicon-carbon negative electrode materials and a laminated soft-pack battery process, which allows the battery to have a lower cutoff voltage, and the battery cell can be safely discharged to 2.5V. In addition, it has good high-temperature storage performance and can be stored for 30 days in a 60℃ environment without swelling or significant changes in thickness, making it ideal for use.

Additional advantages:

  • Cycle life: After 500 cycles of charge and discharge, the battery's capacity retention rate still remains above 90%.
  • Weight: Compared to batteries with the same capacity, the weight has been reduced by 15%, which can increase the endurance time by 30%.
  • Safety: The use of composite coated membrane technology further improves the safety of the battery.

The high energy density, excellent cycle performance, lightweight and high safety of the NMC battery provide longer endurance time and higher power supply guarantee for devices. Especially for industries drones such as eVTOLs, surveying and mapping, cargo transport and photography drones that require high battery performance, this undoubtedly will break through the current limit of unmanned aerial vehicle power supply, improve operation efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

It is worth mentioning that Tattu NMC batteries can also be customized, whether it is for capacity, shape, size, or adding a BMS protection board. If you need a more suitable battery tailored to your project, please feel free to contact us:

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