Genstattu forum is now live

Hello Genstattu’s fans or customers,

May I attention please? We have a notices that Gens ace and Tattu official forum is now live –, welcome~

At first, please allow me to introduce our official forum simply .

The is gens ace and Tattu official forum, it is a community to discuss RC hobby topics and lipo batteries. The genstattu forums have 5 sections: special events, electric power, rc topics, customized batteries and gens ace & Tattu section.

genstattu forum

About Special Events section:
Forum notices will published by administrator and if you find some RC events, you can publish in events sections.

About electric power section:
As the title, all about electric powers can share in this area, relating to ESC, motor, battery, charger etc.

RC topics section:
The topics of RC car, FPV, drone, UAV, RC airplane or helicopter, and rc video etc. are allow discussion. You can share your flight video, fly or drive experience, all rc topics.

Customized batteries and Gens ace & Tattu section:
If you have any questions about gens ace and Tattu, you can publish in it, we will do our best to resolve your questions. It is worth mentioning that customized batteries section, Grepow has inherited the idea of 20 years of very fine production quality. And it has became a very professional and mature novel shapped batteries manufacturer. If you have custom requirement you can write down. More customized batteries details:

About Username account
You can register in directly, but in order to facilitate the use of existing customers. There have a great way to login that use account.

Welcome to use our forum, please observe our forum rules. Or we will have punishment. At finally, enjoy.

Genstattu Author

Hey everyone! it's nice to be here and sharing useful and latest news about RC models and UAV! Anyone who is interested in RC HELI, RC car, RC boat, or other electric products, you can share your thought with us! What's more, UAV is also very important to us! You have your own drones? Tell me your story about them, welcome and have fun!

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