Genstattu April Fools’ day sale

April Fools’ day sale, is it a joke? No, it is not a joke, it is true for gens ace and Tattu official online shop. Do you know genstattu reward points? It is a great new way to save your money, this April Fools’ day sale we will give more opportunity to earn reward points…hmm…extra points. Let us to see the rules are:

April fools's day

The April Fools’ Day sale from 1st April to 4th

When you spend $100, you`ll get extra 300 points, that is, you will get 400 points now! And you’ll get 700 points when you spend $200. The most exciting is, when you spend $300, you’ll get 1000 points, moreover, you can get free Tattu Rechargeable Ni-MH AA 2600mAh Batteries (8pcs). Send you while stock lasts, shop now!

Genstattu Author

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