GensAce Company and Warehouse in USA

Have you ever had trouble with out of stock? Have you ever annoyed by the delivery?

From now on, no need to worry about the stock and delivery.

With enlargement of scales of GensAce, to offer more professional and real time after-sales, GensAce has opened company in Miami in 2014, it not only can provide excellent local service, but also offer helpful advice. Everyone who want to know about the detail information that we can provide real time and comprehensive suggestion to customers. What’s more, more than 15 hours online support and 24 hours real time e-mail response are available that keep you out of trouble.


Now we have already have warehouse in USA, no matter in stock and deliver, we have many advantages that we have adequate stock that to satisfy all the USA customers. Besides, we can deliver the battery in time. GensAce has become more and more powerful that to meet more and more people’s need.

So everyone, go and buy your battery, Gensace battery will never let you down.

Genstattu Author

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