Gens ace Team pilots winning the Ircha Speed Cup 2017

The Ircha Speed Cup 2017 ended on August 6th, and congrats Gens ace team pilot Miles Dunkel for winning the Ircha Speed Cup. And the first place winners choice Gens ace 7s 4400mah lipo battery for RC helicopter.

The Speeds:

1.Place: Miles Dunkel 319,29 km/h
2.Place: Nick Maxwell 274,28 km/h
3.Place: Georges van Gansen 262,29 km/h


And what impresses me more is his second fastest flight was 309,01 km/h and third fastest flight was 305,08 km/h. You nailed it 100%. And thanks to choice gens ace 7s 4400mAh battery.

About winners choice 7s 4400mah battery:

Gens ace 4400mAh 25.9V 60C 7S1P Lipo Battery Pack with EC5 plug


Capacity: 4400mAh
Voltage: 25.9V
Discharge Rate: 60C
Max Burst discharge Rate: 120C
Configuration: 7S1P
Net Weight: 770g
Size: 148mm*50mm*49mm(L*W*H)
Connector Type: EC5

The 7s 4400mAh battery compatible with Lipo balance chargers for your RC airplane and RC helicopter.

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