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Everythings you should known about Dyson battery

Jun 23rd 2019

If it is about innovative design along with sheer power, Dyson's handheld vacuums stand out of the crowd. The company greatly believes that cordless vacuum is the future, and they have focused their research and development on these battery-powered devices. The technology in the Dyson battery is the striking feature of this unique product.

With newer models of the handheld vacuum cleaners, it has been seen that the batteries are growing powerful and becoming energy-efficient by lasting longer between charges. For instance, the difference between V8 and V6 Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners lies in the battery performance, which claims that the V8 variant can last for about 40 minutes.

Dyson battery types

In general, Dyson vacuum cleaners have lithium-ion batteries. As such, it means that these batteries can provide fade-free power. So far as the batteries are charged efficiently for running the device, it will perform at full strength. By fade-free performance, you will be able to use the device with ease. You won’t notice any irregularities in suction even when the battery power runs down.

There are many safety features included in the Dyson battery such as over-discharge, over-current, overheating protection, over-voltage, and over-charge. Over-discharge protection ensures that there won’t be any type of severe degradation in the battery life when you drain the battery to its lowest levels.

Over-current protection makes sure that in the event of a short circuit, the battery doesn’t get damaged. When it comes to the over-voltage protection, it makes sure that the battery remains safe despite charging it to maximum voltage levels. And, the over-charge feature stops the flow of current as soon as the battery is fully charged.

The Dyson battery has certifications that meet the quality standards, such as MSDS, CE, and RoHS. The term MSDS is abbreviated for Material Safety Data Sheet, and it lists the composition of the battery and possible hazards. The term CE means that the battery obeys to the European Union standards. And, RoHS denotes that the batteries are safe and don’t contain hazardous materials.

Dyson battery life

On average, it has been seen that Dyson battery of these handheld vacuums will last for around 4 years. Generally, it is seen that lithium-ion batteries tend to wear-off after the first year of its usage, as they are limited to a few charging cycles. According to the founder of the company, James Dyson who incorporated the company way back in 1987, said something about the V10 variant that seems pretty unrealistic.

He stated that the battery would wear-off to a mere 20% after constant usage of 15 years. The battery capacity of each Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner consists of different units of mAh or mill amperes. For example, the V6 variant typically has 3500 mAh of power, which means it can provide a current of about 3500 milliamperes for an hour of time.

But in reality, Dyson v10 battery will only give 20 minutes of runtime in a regular mode on a single charge. However, in the MAX mode, when the device utilizes more current, it will give about 2 minutes of usage. After buying the new battery, it needs to be charged for about 3.5 hours, and 40 minutes thereafter.

Check the link to know more about Dyson battery life.

Dyson battery warranty

The original battery in the Dyson vacuum cleaners comes with a warranty of 2 years. But it is unfortunate that soon after using them for 2 years, you will slightly begin to notice the degradation in power. And, such a decrease in power means that the batteries are wearing out.

The warranty becomes effective from the purchase date or the delivery date of the device, whichever is later. The delivery note or the purchase receipt might have to be produced when the warranty is to be carried out. The first thing you need to do is to register the claim on their official website.

What does the blue light mean on Dyson

The blue light on the Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners means certain things that direct us to take an initiative. When you put the device to charging mode, a solid blue light means that the Dyson battery is charging. You will notice that the device will show a blue light soon as you have pressed the trigger for using it.

That means the Dyson vacuum is ready to operate in normal mode. A flashing blue light indicates that the device is running out of power, and needs to be charged. However, the flashing blue light also indicates that the Dyson batteries are not charging properly. Try another socket or re-fit the charger.

How to know if Dyson battery needs replacing?

As aforementioned, the battery life of the Dyson handheld vacuums will last for a few years. However, if you begin to notice that the device doesn’t vacuum for a long time than stipulated, it is perhaps time to get a replacement. Another thing that indicates about the deteriorating health of the battery life is that the vacuum needs to be charging all the time despite not in use.

Hence, it doesn’t make sense to pack your costly vacuum just because its battery is dying. This is the time when the replacement battery for Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners comes into the picture. There are many companies that manufacture replacement Dyson batteries.

But one thing you need to keep in mind, and that is to choose only the genuine battery pack that will keep your device in a safe condition by protecting it from serious damage. Remember that a genuine battery will increase its capacity to hold the charge for a prolonged time, and put a brake on the recharging cycles as well.

If you are thinking of replacing the Dyson battery pack, it is better not to rely on products from online stores, and buy them only from the company itself. Although these battery packs might be expensive, they will last for a prolonged time as compared to the cheaply-designed battery packs. On top of that, they could impose serious safety risks.


Make sure to select the right kind of Dyson battery as a replacement for your handheld vacuum cleaner. Choose the right brand of the replacement battery, as well as compare the prices to find the best of offers.

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