Don't let the changer damage your lithium battery

Sep 28th 2016

Market application of lithium battery has opened for so many years, however, with a very good development situation of the industry, consumers have constantly encountered problems during the process of using, and the biggest problem is the problem existing in the battery application of safety, as it may casually bring a potentially dangerous self-burning for you if improperly used. Many unsuspecting people think that it is caused by the inferior battery produced from the irresponsible manufacturers, however, 70% causes of the lithium battery fire is related to the charging behavior of users rather than manufacturer's product quality in fact, and the best illustration of consumers' charging behaviors is charger. Referring to charger, many people may be in doubt what influence does charger have on the fire of battery? In fact, it has a great influence. There are so many battery brands in the market nowadays, similarly, a lot of retail locations selling chargers with good and band quality products mixed together. However, most of users only choose the cheap one without considering other factors when they buy charger, and therefore, the charger brought is commonly low quality or inapplicable. Tattu test

1. A substandard charger can damage batteries and shorten the life of batteries.

The life of lithium battery is limited, but it brings unlimited convenience for us in the limited time. Normally, life of ordinary battery is 1.5 to 2 years, and some brands of batteries can be used for 3 to 5 years or even more. However, if use with a substandard charger, the battery will be damaged and shortened its life finally, which not only wastes resources, but also increases expenditures.

2. Some of charger easily leads to insufficient charge.

We all know about that the charging and discharging of lithium battery are based on the chemical reaction, with the more thoroughly reaction, which will cause more charging and discharging more clean, bigger capacitance and higher endurance ability. If the reaction does not go thoroughly, it will cause parts of crystal electrodes lose their energy, and then reduce the capacitance and the endurance ability at the end. For a long time, the battery will be seriously damaged, and then shortened its life.

3. A substandard charger easily leads to short circuiting and destroys batteries finally.

According to incomplete survey, there are 5% users every year who cause fire on batteries or destroy batteries for inappropriate charging, and some of users choose low quality charger just for reducing their expenditures. Therefore, obviously we recommend it is better to choose a good quality charger for your battery when you buy a charger.