Does the Power Bank Damage Phone Battery?

The power bank is a daily life necessary for people, because of the phone battery is always lack of the power. Power bank also becomes our the extra phone battery. Some people are beginning to confuse that whether power bank will damage phone battery except for the natural decay of the phone battery? Does the power bank really damage your phone battery? Why?


As everyone knows, the bad power bank can damage the phone battery, why?

The Quality of PCB

Power bank is made up of the shell, battery cell and PCB, the most important is PCB. The quality of the PCB directly affects the device charge effect. Because the voltage drop or boost of power bank is controlled by PCB.

By the way, the safety protection is on the PCB, such as high temperature, overcharge, over-current, over-voltage, short circuit protection etc, these are essential for power bank, but for the bad PCB can’t provide better protection.


No trickle charge

As we know, The whole process of phone battery charging includes three stages: rapid charging, continuous charging, and trickle charging. The trickle charging is a small current to charge after the battery is full which can keep the electrons flowing and extend the battery life.
Most power banks have been disconnected from the phone before it enters the trickle charge, never charge fully.

How to avoid the phone battery damage?

First, Make sure the capacity of your power bank is higher than the capacity of your device. For instance, if the capacity of your phone is 2500mAh, then a power bank of capacity 2000mAh won’t be able to charge it fully from 0-100% whereas a power bank of 10000mAh capacity will be able to charge your phone from 0-100% a number of times.

Second, choose the well-known power bank, such as the Anker or Tattu power bank. For the best power bank, the shell is strong enough to protect the internal components. Reasonable internal structure design to improve the cooling effect; The battery cell is durable and will not explode due to high temperature. The voltage of the PCB is stable and efficient, which affects the conversion rate. When you buy power bank online, you need to know, please check here

In addition, the regular manufacturers of power bank, there are more safety protections. So charging your phone with mobile power won’t damage the battery.

The best power bank recommendations

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