Details on VIP card& Flash Sale


Once you see this information, that means you are already a VIP Card member or going to be one of VIP members!( You need to  register before 10th, Nov,2014)

Attention:                                                                                                                                                                  141104Gens帖子pre-order

For the VIP Card

 1. The valid date for it : 12nd, Nov,2014 -12th, Nov,2015 (1 year)

 2.You can enjoy 15% off for every order( since 12nd, Nov,2014) 

For the Flash Sale          

1 . On 11/11, Nov.  Some of our battery pack price will be low to 90%off, that means you can buy battery at 90% off on that day!

( Pay attention on 11/11,2014, focus on the battery pack you like, and buy it at the lowest price!)

2. This activity is valid for everyone!

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