Contrast to select different of RC car power

According to the motivation source of RC car, which is divided into two kinds. One for motor drive electric RC car, another for two-stroke air-cooled engine driven oil move RC car, and according to the fuel oil motor car, divided into gasoline car and methanol. We will make simple analysis according to the basic configuration and the advantages and disadvantages of each characteristics of the dynamic, to help beginners have a more intuitive understanding of the different of RC car power.


The first kind:Electric remote control model (Electric Powered), referred to as EP.

Electric RC car

Electric RC cars use lipo battery as power, output power to the motor, through the gear, the power transmission to wheels, a driving force for vehicles.


Basic configurations of electric RC car including as follow: the RC car, charger, controller and Gens ace 5000mah lipo battery.


Electric RC model car is the best choice for beginners, has the following characteristics:

1. The electric car has small inertia, easy to grasp, when you go on the road, beginners don’t need too much set-up like a gasoline.

2. The electric car do well on linear output, the weight is lighter than gasoline, so the traction manipulation is flexible, corner speed higher than that of gasoline, if is the venue for many corners, short straights, laps of the electric car is faster than a gasoline, and the electric car start up speed, speed curve, linear speed is not lose oil.

3. The car don’t have to repeat purchases, fuel investment, only need to install the RC car battery can be on the road, being recharged reuse, environmental protection free from contamination.

4. The electric car is not a nuisance, quiet street, don’t be afraid to fry them anymore. This is the most significant characteristics of RC car batteries lipo.

The second: GP remote control model car(Gas – powered) , hereinafter referred to as GP, block is divided into gasoline car and methanol.

Gasoline RC model car

The structure of GP RC Car is very close to the real car, gasoline vehicles using the two stroke gasoline engine.

The basic configuration of GP RC Car are: car, controller, gasoline, oil, oil pot.

GP RC Car is a beginner’s second choice, has the following features:

1. GP RC car has simple structure, high strength of the frame, the damage rate is low, stable performance and easy maintenance.

2. The engine is simpler to set-up, the set range of oil needle is small, for beginners ,you don’t have to often emphasis on set-up the vehicle.

Most engines of GP RC car are installed on the central of frame, the vehicle’s weight is located in the central after partial, and that are the same as most of the super sports car in the world’s center of gravity location , so the manipulation of the GP car is flexible , speed is fast, walking stable.

In the petrol car ratio majority with 1:8 and 1:5. Itself weight and volume is big, the request to walk on the road is no demanding as small proportion car so , what’s more, four-wheel can independently suspension and gasoline vehicles, large hydraulic shock absorber, makes the strong ability of block pavement through.

Gasoline engine of a GP remote control car can use avalanche to describe, listened to the blood boiling, frying street tool. Here also remind all beginners must go to special field or unmanned broad areas to play.


Methanol RC model car

Methanol RC model car also use two-stroke air-cooled engine.

Basic configuration of methanol RC model car including: car, controller, synthetic fuels, igniter.

Methanol RC model car is the third choice for beginners, has the following characteristics:

Compared with gasoline, methanol car can do a smaller engine , as a direct result of vehicle size can be smaller. Gasoline vehicle general size for 1:8 and 1:5, and the size of the methanol car can do 1:18 size. Due to the weight an d volume of methanol car are smaller than gasoline vehicles, and higher speed, so the methanol car than gasoline vehicles speed is fast, more violence. Compared to the tram, methanol has more momentum and simulation engine.

Because the oil needle set-up is more complicated, methanol is not only expensive, but also inconvenient to buy and methanol engine life without long life as petrol cars and trams so the recommended novice firstly is trolley and gasoline vehicles, to have certain experience in RC model before thinking of methanol car.


Summary: By comparing, I believe you can have a further understanding to choose RC car power, hope everybody can have fun on RC car!

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