Compared the polymer battery with the liquid Lithium-ion battery

Compared with the liquid Lithium-ion battery, Lipo battery adopts the thinner aluminum film and the different production method. The thinner the polymer, the easier the manufacturers produce. The battery whose thickness is less than 0.5mm can be produced in theory.

Opposite, the thicker the liquid Lithium battery, the easier the manufacturers produce. It is quite hard to make the battery whose thickness is less than 4mm, which has weakness in the capacity. Therefore, the thinner the batteries, the less cost the polymer production has and the more cost the liquid production has.

Tattu lipo battery

For the thick specification, the liquid Lithium battery has complete supply chain and technology, high production efficiency, high rate of finished products and cost advantage of manufacture. From the market, though the battery of 5,6mm in thickness has more capacity than the battery of 3,4mm, the 5,6mm battery has lower price. In theory of polymer, the material cost of 5,6mm battery is similar to that of liquid battery. However, nowadays, the process cost is much more than the liquid one. Therefore, there is some gap to form competition between polymer battery and liquid battery from the specification.

Among the recent polymer Li-ion battery, polymer materials are mainly applied in anode and electrolyte. The anode materials include macromolecule polymer or inorganic compound adopted by normal lithium battery, and the electrolyte can use the solid, colloidal macromolecule electrolyte or the organic electrolyte. The cathode always uses the Lithium metal or Lithium-carbon interlamination compound.

The liquid or colloidal electrolyte puts much weight and cost on the Lipo battery and restricts the flexibility of size. However, there is no extra electrolyte in the Lithium polymer technology, so it is more stable. That is to say., there is unlikely to cause danger if the battery is overcharged, punctured, collided, overused and destroyed in other ways.

The new Lipo battery has stronger flexibility to meet the products’ demand, since it can become thin in shape (0.8mm for the thinnest one), area normalization and shape normalization. To make battery of any shape and capacity provide the manufacturers with the flexible design and adaptability to optimize the performance. At the same time, the unit energy of lipo battery increases by 50%, and other aspects have improvement like capacity, characteristics of charging and discharging, safety, the range of working temperature, cycle times (more than 500 times) and environmental performance. Gens ace 2s lipo battery has a long lifespan,it is better than others.

Lipo Battery strengths:

2.Flexible: manufacturers can adjust the volume economically rather than the fixed shape.
3.Light: Polymer electrolyte battery does not use the metal cover as the external package.
4.Safety: the electrolyte is unlikely to leak, so it is more stable.Like as the Tattu lipo battery.


1.Compared with Li-ion battery, the Lipo battery has weakness in energy density and cycle times.
2.High cost

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