Best Yuneec Q500 battery – Ultrax 6300mah 3s lipo

Gens ace and Tattu official online shop has update many new products, such as Tattu ESC, 5200mAh series lipo battery, 100C products and Yuneec Q500 replacement battery. We will recommend Ultrax 6300mAh Yuneec Q500 battery for you.

As the title, we know, the Ultrax 6300mAh is befit for Yuneec Q500 Typhoon (Buy Yuneec Q500 Typhoon chick:, have 50% off, don’t miss a chance. Only in EU) Our Ultrax 6300mAh replacement battery 100% compatible with original manufacturer Yuneec Q500 drone, upgraded smart batteries with new appearance design.

Best Yuneec Q500 battery Features:

1. Replacement battery for Yuneec Q500 Typhoon drone
2. 100% compatible with original manufacturer equipment.
3. New appearance design
4. High performance battery
5. Local after-sales service (located in Dublin, CA)

Yuneec Q500 battery

Best Yuneec Q500 battery Specification:

Brand: Ultrax
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (Li-Po)
Capacity: 6300mAh
Configuration: 3S1P
Voltage: 11.1V 69.93Wh
Dimensions: 175mm*51.8mm*34.8mm(LWH)
Net Weight: 438g
Connector Type: built in
Balancer Connector Type: built in

Best Yuneec Q500 battery Compatible with:

Ultrax 6300mAh 3s 11.1v replacement lipo battery befit for Yuneec Q500 drone

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