Amazon first finish a UAV delivery service in the UK

According to the BBC in Britain reports, that the network retailer Amazon firstly used UAV to express parcel to the consumer, which sent a Amazon Fire TV equipment and a pack of popcorn to a customer who lives in the UK near Cambridge. Customer completed the purchase in 13 minutes, the UAV safely delivered the parcel to the destination near Cambridge. A video shows the whole progress of from the completing the order to the delivery by an electric UAV with an attitude of 122 meters.


However, someone doubts how important the practical significance of the pilot service. In the experiment, the UAV take off from Cambridge mission execution center. After the parcel was located in UAV, it flew along an automatic orbit to the take-off area. Then the UAV took off, under the guidance of the satellite-navigation devices, full automatically fly to the delivery target. The UAV’s maximum transporting capacity is 2.7 kg.


UAV security issues have recently caused concern. There are reports that close encounters ever happened at the Stansted airport in London and Cornwall airport in England between UAV and airplane.


Amazon made a statement that security is the most important thing. “we are only allowed to do this during the daytime, and require the breeze and high-visibilty, can not do in the rain and snow”.

Editor concerned more about this cargo UAV will use what kind of UAV. In the field of UAV, the Gensace battery should be the first choice. But anyway, the UAV delivery success is a great progress, makes life more convenient.

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