Airlines for the safety of lithium-ion batteries

With the improvement of life standard, more and more people to select the plane as the main way to travel. After the Samsung Galaxy Note7 explosion accident last year, it has been banned to take on the plane. The Samsung phone explosion is because of the lithium battery abnormal fever caused by burning. For security, airlines for lithium battery and what kind of requirements?

the safety of lithium-ion batteries

As we know, the lithium battery is widely used due to the light, use long time and high capacity. But at the same time extremely stable friction, extrusion or excessive battery discharge, make the internal excess lithium oxide can create chemical decomposition of combustion. So the TSA suggest the passengers put the battery into the bag carefully, and don’t consign.

Now you maybe think, the cell phone not quench the fire? No, actually it is not easy as you imagine. Let’s to see why….

From the plane design, all of critical systems have backup or emergency system, that is to say, when a key system failure, the backup system will work, so the plane crash caused by the key system failure probability is very small. But only the fire, the plane didn’t prevent the fire, especially the cabin or warehouse fire.

Because of the fire didn’t control, and the fuel composition is protean. When the lithium battery fire, we have not a better fire extinguishing tools, just use physical cooling and monitoring. The fire is easy to cause passenger and cause the plane crashed out of balance.

From the Samsung Note7 explosive to talk the airline regulations for the lithium battery

For security, some regulations we need to strictly abide by:

About lithium battery, not more than 160wh, you can bring it. More than 100wh and Within 160wh, you can bring it but no more than two.

About power bank, under 100wh, can bring 2, when between 100wh to 160wh, you can bring it, but you need use insulation packaging and approved by airline. As usual, Airport security is not allowed no clear capacity logo power bank through security, so don’t to buy no clear capacity logo power bank.

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