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Remote control vehicles popularly known as R/C cars are the types of cars or trucks which are powered by a battery and can be manipulated from a distance using a dedicated transmitter or remote. Readers should take note that the term R/C can also be used to refer to radio controlled vehicles. Several sources of power such as electricity and gas can be used to power remote controlled cars. Due to its numerous advantages, RC car lipo battery is strongly recommended to be used in powering remote controlled vehicles. Gens ace 5000mah lipo battery is a perfect type of power source for the remote controlled cars.

Typical RC car batteries usually get old and become frail within a short span of time. Some batteries which come with the remote controlled cars cannot be depended on upon to power effectively the vehicles bearing in mind the fact that remote controlled cars usually require a decent and lasting source of energy to ensure ultimate performance. Most of the high-end remote-controlled cars are available in the market without batteries. Users of such remote controlled cars should not worry about what type of battery to use in powering their remote-controlled automobiles since Genstattu has all the solutions to their problems.

Gens ace RC car lipo battery

Lipo batteries are commonly used in remote controlled appliances because of their huge advantages. Also known as lipoly battery, the lipo batteries usually dissipate large amounts of energy needed to power high-end remote control cars. Another advantage of the lipo batteries is that they are charged considerably faster than their NiMh relatives. The weight of the lipo batteries is also much less as compared to the weight of their NiMh counterparts an adaptation which facilitates swiftness of the remote controlled cars. The Gens Ace batteries are available in a variety of voltages and capacities to suit different requirements of different models of remote controlled vehicles.

One of the most common types of lipo battery utilised in powering remote controlled auto motors is the 11.1v 5000mAh lipo. This kind of lipo battery available at Gens Ace is engineered in such a way that it is capable of providing the needed power which facilitates remote controlled cars to attain the top speeds they were designed to achieve. Several other batteries of different capacities, cell counts as well as C rating are available in our online shop. Users of the lipo batteries should take note not to drain a three cell Li-Poly battery past 9.0v. To accomplish a long service life for their sets, clients should consider choosing a higher cut-off voltage lipo battery.

Remote control cars are very pleasant auto motors and can be great fun to the users. However, your experience with the remote controlled cars can be very disappointing if one does not use the correct type of battery to power them. Most of the remote controlled cars are designed to operate at a very high speed and consequently, their batteries should be very robust and up to the task. Gens ace 5000mah lipo batteries are the most suitable type of cells to be used in powering remote controlled cars. Interested clients should visit our online shop Genstattu to get to know the varieties of lipo batteries provided and their relative importance in powering different types of remote controlled cars.

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