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 Battery is common object in our daily life. But, to be serious, how many you know about battery? In this article, you will know the battery type. And you will choose the most suitable battery later in your life!

Lead-acid battery, lipo battery or flow battery?  Market is the only motivation?!

 renewable energy sources development needs large scale of electric power storage and energy power battery. It is not only about the energy but also the environment and eco-development

 In the following text, several main type battery in the market will be introduced to you!

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Lead-acid battery is the first choice because of the related technology development. It is widely and well used on electrical bicycle, electrical motorcycle, electrical car, wind electricity storage and photovoltaic power storage. But Lead-acid battery has defect of low capacity, short life cycle and lead pollution in process of production and recycle. Most of Chinese big battery factory is researching on developing lead extracting technology. Now the lead extracting rate reaches 80%.

 The second is Lipo battery. Tattu paraprofessional UAV battery, It has advantage over others at energy capacity, power density and high transferring efficiency. Moreover its life cycle is longer. However its price is pretty high but low safety.

Flow battery is also among these, widely used in China. One of them, all-vanadium redox flow battery (VRB) is fast developing. As data shows, eight battery factories in China are about VRB.

tatttu battery

In one word, different markets need different battery types. Therefore, it is hard to say what kind of battery will be replaced in the development of battery technology. It is finally motivated by market demands.

Tattu battery is professional in uav, mlulticopter, drones field!

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