5 Ways to Protect Battery from Bulging

As the wide use of electronic products, the production of battery increased gradually. Especially Lipo battery gain its popularity in many fields, such as smart phone, laptop, rc car, UAV battery, etc. Regardless of how well you care for your battery, all batteries age over time and with use, and one symptom of an aging lithium polymer battery is bulging.

The reasons of battery bulging are as follows:First, battery level, such as electrode coating uneven, the production process is coarser.Second, some problems about battery overcharge and over discharge in the course of using.


Therefore, there is some tips about how to prevent battery from bulging:

  1. Maybe the battery can not match with charger’s cut-off voltage, please change the battery charger.
  2. The battery used for a long time will cause bulge. Because long-term use is equivalent to short circuit battery anode and cathode.
  3. Unplug from the charger. After you are done charging it, make sure to unplug the charger from the wall/laptop so that it doesn’t become heated up.
  4. Take out your battery. You should take your battery out at any time. This is not true, unless you are planning on not using your laptop for over a week, then you would have to take it out.
  5. Drain & Recharge at least once a month. If you drain your battery completely at least once a month, then it will maximize the battery’s capacity to hold a charge.

Maybe all of you have experienced bulging. Hope that this will helpe you, and that this problem does not continue in the future. And also be prepared to replace your Lipo battery at some future date if this occurs again.

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