100% of chances to win on genstattu Easter sale 2017

Easter will going on…this time, Easter sale 2017 we give a big surprise for you, as long as you order from genstattu.com, you can 100% of chances to win the prize.
Date: From 14th to 23rd April

Happy Easter

1. To enter the lucky draw you will need an order number with order date after 15th April 2017.
2. To enter the lucky draw you will need to stay logged in with your account.
3. The lucky draw ends on 23rd April.
4. Coupons will be valid for your next order. One use per customer.
5. One prize for each entry. There is 1 winner for Wingsland S6 in total. Other prizes include: $2 coupon code, $5 coupon code and $10 coupon code.
6. Lucky draw Easter promotion is only valid for individual customers. Genstattu.com reserves the right to change or cancel this event at any time.

The lucky draw contains some coupon codes and 1* wingsland S6 drone that worth $339, 100% of chance to win coupon codes and may be you win the s6 drone. If you interesting in Gens ace and Tattu Easter sale 2017, check out: http://www.genstattu.com/easter

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