Tattu, the official battery for the Sharjah Drone Racing Champions Event, in partnership with MultiGP Drone Racing, in Sharjah UAE.

Affiliate Program

gensace &tattu affiliate program

Gens ace & Tattu Affiliate Program


We are the official online store of Gens ace and Tattu, the two big labels in the RC field. We are providing our RC hobby fans the best quality of Drones, RC cars, RC aircraft batteries. 

We are sharing more than 50% of the RC batteries market in U.S, making it one of the most influential company in the Hobby area. We have the most complete range of RC Lipo batteries to fulfill different needs of the RC hobbyist. 


We are offering a generous 6% commision rate. Earn even more on 8% when order total value is over $30,000, as many of our affiliate has already achived. Our sessoin time is 60 days which is much longer then the average within the industry. 


Join us today for great rewards from Gens ace& Tattu. We are offering high commission rate starting at 6% of sales. Get up to 8% and more depending on your performance. Our session time is 60 days which is much longer then average within the industry. 

If you are full of passion like us. This is the program for you. Please go on to and join our program. We would like to rewards our affiliates very well. Come join our affiliate program today and start making your dreams come true.


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