Eyes in the sky—-More and More Private Owned Drones

Sky will not be lonely any longer, this is now has becoming true in Austin. Thanks to the development of drones. People’s life tend to turn from land to sky. Aerial photography is not a modern technology anymore. Play a multicopter is going to common person.

A new invention must be useful in some way, or it will just be nonsense. But there exist some rules for mutlicopter or uav, drones. Anyway this is a not very safe machine for the common life. This may be so-called new things need time to enter the life.

fly mutlicopter


Whatever, the fact is multicopter project is getting more and more popular. People tend to choose the most easy life. Uav, multicopter, drones as a new life style. It can provide the different normal life.

In the past, farm is just farm, fast food delivering is just fast food delivering. One reason for that is because we have been adapted to the existed way. So as more and more multicopter project come out. People can work in another way. People will enjoy more scenery by the aerial photography.

Currently, aerial photography is the hottest topic especially for those film and television company. People will feel that they are being watched from where. Like there are many eyes in the sky.


                 See this: using multicopter to post

post by multicopter

farming is becoming a fashion thing with multicopter

multicopter in farming

Every technology once came out, it just like a coin has two sides. Good or bad. Smart people will try to take advantage of the good side. It is optimistic to believe that flying rotor will bring everyone to the board world.

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