Tattu Plus Smart Battery

Tattu Plus Leading UAV Smart Lithium Battery Trend! Owing to the development of Drone market, drone user need the battery more smart during their work, that is why our Tattu plus comes out .Tattu Plus is the upgraded version of Tattu battery!

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Tattu Plus smart battery suit for 6S and 12S power system and support SMBUS/UAVCAN protocol. With the smart LED indication, users can identify the battery status more accurately. 

All the features make Tattu Plus suitable for agriculture spraying, aerial photography, manned, mapping and other industry drones / UAVs / eVTOLs.

If you are located in the EU, Please click the EU Official. For any battery custom solutions, please click Grepow Battery.

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  • Tattu Plus 22000mAh 22.2V 25C 6S1P Lipo Smart Battery Pack with XT90-S Plug (New Version)

    SKU:  TAA22K6SP25X9

    Part #:  TA-P2-25C-22000-6S1P-XT90TA6262

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    (20 < stock < 100)

    Detailed Specs
    Capacity(mAh): 22000
    Voltage(V): 22.2
    Discharge Rate (C): 25
    Connector Type: XT90-S
    Length(±5mm): 213
    Width(±2mm): 96
    Height(±2mm): 69
    Net Weight(±20g): 2650
  • Tattu Plus 1.0 Compact Version 16000mAh 44.4V 15C 12S1P Lipo Smart Battery Pack with XT90-S Plug

    SKU:  TAA16KP12S15X

    Part #:  TA-PLUS1.0-15C-16000-12S1P-C-XT90TAA16KP12S15X

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    (stock < 20)

    Detailed Specs
    Capacity(mAh): 16000
    Voltage(V): 44.4
    Discharge Rate (C): 15
    Connector Type: XT90-S
    Length(±5mm): 217
    Width(±2mm): 150
    Height(±2mm): 80
    Net Weight(±20g): 4250