Tattu 12000mAh 12V 400A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Booster Power Bank with LED Flashlight Version 2.0

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$92.99 Price:
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Quick overview:

- Car Jump Starter: Supply for 3.0L Gas and 2L Diesel Up To 30 Times On A Single Charge.

- Power bank & Flashlight: Full charge laptops, smartphones, notebook, cigarette lighter. Build-in a useful Led flashlight.
- Safety Protection: Over charging protection, Current overuse protection, Over voltage protection, Over current protection.

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Tattu portable 400A Peak 12v 12000mah auto car Jump Starter power bank battery charger with Built-in Flashlight and Safety Protection, Power Supply Booster Battery for 3.0L Gas and 2L Diesel Engines Up to 30 Times on a Single Charge.

 jump starter

Tattu Portable Car Jump Starter Features:

- Powerful & Compact: Instantly jump starter your vehicle (up to 3.0L gas or 2L diesel, 12V engines) up to 30 times with 400A peak current and heavy duty clamps and cables; Ultra Compact, Easily put into your glovebox. And you can charge it in the car with the car charger of the package; Powering portable car tools, saving you from driving dilemma, easily.

- Smart Charge Ports: With 12000mAh Capacity and Smart USB Ports.The "USB 5V/3A Output" can automatically adjust current for connected mobile devices to reach the best of charging efficiency and power two mobile devices at the same time; The "12V/8A Output" will power your ISDT charger,  Notebook, Cigarette lighter (Included) and even portable car accessories like inflators & car refrigerators.

- One Key Storage: Tattu JST1 has exclusively developed the "One Key Storage" function. If not to use the unit for a long period, keeping pressing the “STORE” key will let the unit enter ‘Storage Mode’, which means the unit will automatically discharge to around 60% of full capacity, after that will enter a low-power mode. This feature helps maximize the device life .

- LED Light: Tattu JST1 has a useful LED Light with three different modes: Normal, Strobe, SOS.

- Safety Protection: Over charging protection, Current overuse protection, Over voltage protection, Over current protection etc.

- Long Standby Time: 3-6 months.

 Tattu jump starter

tattu jump starter power bank

Tattu 12000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter Specifications:

- Power: 400A Peak 12v

- Capacity :12000mAh

- Vehicle: 3.0L Gas and 2L Diesel 

- Input: 15V , 1A

- Output: 12V/8A, 5V/1A , 5V/2A

- Output Voltage at auto start: 12V

- USB Output: 5V - 2A

- Charge Mode: CC/CV 15V-1A

- Start Current: 270A

- Peak Current: 400A

- Applicable temperature range: -10 - 55 degree 

- Weight: 1.5 lb

- Product Dimensions: 8 * 3.9 * 1.7 inches (Length * width * height

- LED Flashlight: Built-in Flashlight

12000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter Applications:

Tattu Jump Starter Suitable for Various Vehicles, such as: Cars, Dirt bikes, ATV/ATC, Motorcycles, Trucks, SUVs, Boats, Jet Ski, etc 

Compatible Mobile phone: iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Sony etc.

ISDT, Tablets & Readers, Cell & smallphones, Gopros & Cameras, Handheld Games, Goggles, GPS and More.

Tattu Portable Car Jump Starter Short Circuit Protection:

No like other brands, our jump starter is extreme safe that even you connect the positive and negative poles together. 

No worries of any danger of short circuit.   

Tattu portable 400A Peak 12v 12000mah auto car Jump Starter

 What you get: 

- Tattu JST1 Jump Starter * 1
- 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket * 1
- Battery Clamps * 1
- Wall Charger * 1
- Car Charger * 1
- Micro USB Cable * 1
- Carrying Case * 1
- User Manual * 1

Tattu portable jump starter list

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3. Service-priority in online shop, like the long warranty period and the lower price  for buyers. We do offer a 90-day-warranty after your order date.

4. Low IR: Provides stable voltage untill the end of your mission.

5. Safety: Gens ace and its' partners ful fill the ISO9001, ISO14001 standards

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Tattu jump starter application

12000mAh jump starter suitable

Additional Information

sorting JumpStarter
Power 400A Peak 12v
Capacity(mAh) 12000
Net Weight(±20g) 700
Vehicle 3.5L Gas and 2L Diesel
Ports 2 USB ports
Product Dimensions Length * width * height : 8 * 3.9 * 1.7 inches
Recharge Tablets & Readers, Cell & Smartphones, Gopros & Cameras, Handheld Games ,GPS and More
LED Flashlight Built-in Flashlight
Case Size Length * width * height: 10.3 * 7.6 * 7.6 inches
Complete kit Tattu JST1 Jump Starter, Battery Clamps, Wall Charger, Car Charger, 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket, Micro USB Cable, Carrying Case, User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Highly recommended.
By Divenee
December 13, 2017 12:50:57 AM PST

Works great, jumped my Motorhome several times without needing a recharge, and is small and compact. We also use it to charge cell phones and other mobile devices when dry camping. Highly recommended.

Tattu Jump Starter had no problem starting the dead BMW multiple times on a single charge.
By Review
November 8, 2017 1:01:19 AM PST

we got a product to review for you. We needed a portable and powerful car jump starter around the shop. We always need to start dead cars and we were looking for a good jump starter that I can use to charge my phone as well. This Tattu jump starter started a 3.5 v6 Honda Odyssey and a BMW 330CI that has not been moved for almost 2 years. You will see that the BMW Battery had only 1.6 volts charge which is nothing. This Tattu Jump Starter had no problem starting the dead BMW multiple times on a single charge.

Shipping so faster.
By Dieen
October 27, 2017 7:46:35 PM PDT

So amazing, shipping so faster. Good jump starter. Thank you

Highly recommend
By Booser
October 15, 2017 7:58:44 PM PDT

This car jumper is really good. We had to use it on the road once and it worked really well. It has a great feature that allows it to illuminate the area and it can connect to literally anything at all. It has a very good cable and it is also very studied. Very small and reliable when on the road. It is easy to connect to the engine too. It has great quality and has a lot of storage space. Highly recommended.

By Letton
October 11, 2017 7:07:06 PM PDT

These jump boxes work great! I carry this jump with me everywhere now including my motorcycle...It's small enough in size that it works great as a battery pack for my phones, Bluetooth etc.And also it really packs a punch for jumping vehicles.Very impressed!! I DO recommend this product and I will actually be purchasing another one soon.

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