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Gens Ace 22.2V 60C 6S 1800mAh Lipo Battery Pack with EC3 Plug

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Gens Ace 1800mAh 22.2V 60C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack with EC3 plug, compatible with RC heli in size 380.



Gens Ace 1800mAh 22.2V 60C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack are designed remote control helicopters.
6 battery cells in 1800 each offers you long flying time. 60C discharge rate gives you enough exposure power.
Gens Ace 1800mAh 22.2V 60C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack offers excellent performance and high quality in a "Compact" size.

Gens Ace 1800mAh 22.2V 60C 6S1P Features:

- Stable automatic stacking technology enables single-cell capacities of 1800mAh.
- Superior cell matched consistency.
- Automatic production line to guarantee high quality and consistent performance.
- Gens Ace batteries provide high quality, reliable power for your Rc models.
- Local after-sales service(located in Dublin, CA).

Gens Ace 1800mAh 22.2V 60C 6S1P Specifications:

- Minimum Capacity: 1800mAh
- Configuration: 6S1P / 22.2V / 6 Cells
- Discharge Rate: 60C
- Max Burst discharge Rate: 120C
- Net Weight(±20g): 324g
- Dimensions: 108mm Length x 35mm Width x 42mm Height.
- Balancer Connector Type:JST-XHR-7P

Gens Ace 1800mAh 22.2V 60C 6S1P compatible with:

Gens Ace 1800mAh 22.2V 60C 6S1P Lipo Batteries with EC3 plug, compatible with RC heli in size 380.

Our Advantage:

1.Your orders will be dispatched via FedEx from the USA directly.
2.Fast shipping and excellent local after-sale service guaranteed in the USA.
3.Service-priority in the online shop, like the long warranty period and the lower price. We do offer a 90-day-warranty after your order date.
4.Energy Density:Specially adapted to each UAV type and RC car/boat/heli type. Very High according to capacity/weight. In fact, we are specialists in High Power Lipo Batteries. It is our unique technology, the highest power of our battery is 100C. Another technology is our batteries are able to be stably discharged simultaneously
5.Low IR: Provides stable voltage until the end of your mission
6.Safety: Gens Ace and its' partners fulfill the ISO9001, ISO14001, standards
7.See the battery instruction to the link: http://www.genstattu.com/bw

Additional Information

Brand Gens ace
Capacity(mAh) 01800
Voltage(V) 22.2
Discharge Rate (C) 60
Max Burst discharge Rate (C) 120
Configuration 6S1P
Net Weight(±20g) 324
Length(±5mm) 108
Width(±2mm) 35
Height(±2mm) 42
Wire Gauge AWG12#
Discharge Wire Length(mm) 100mm
Balancer Connector Type JST-XHR-7P
Balancer Wire Length(mm) No

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Customer Reviews

Great battery for 470l heli
By k8idx
February 25, 2018 7:30:39 PM PST

This battery fits the 470l helicopter very well. The leads come out on the side of the battery when installed in the 470l so it's not ideal but hasn't prevented it's use. It has tons of power and is about the largest battery you can fit in the 470l frame. It's heavy and to balance the model you have to move the battery quite far back into the frame but you can make it work. I can't comment on it's cycle life because I've only used it a few times. This is a high quality battery. After a 7 or 8 minute flight it only gets warm and cools of quickly so a recharge at the field doesn't take forever. I recommend this battery for any 470l pilot who wants maximum flight time and tons of power.

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