What’s the Tattu toppilot lipo battery and How to get it?

Toppilot is a subsidiary the Tattu brand, particularly designed to sponsor fpv racing competitions. New materials are adopted across the product line which is providing lower internal resistance, and featuring bigger power capacity. Comparing with other brands in the market, Toppilot’s results on the grapheme’s discharge curve is above the other grapheme batteries, meaning that toppilot is remarkably more powerful, proved by manufacturer’s tech department.

Toppilot is currently not for sale in the market. However it is free to give out as sponsorship. If you want to buy Toppilot, you can chick R-Line, it’s the selling version of Toppilot batteries.

tattu toppilot lipo battery

Another feedback from pilots who have already tested Toppilot batteries is that, the temperature after landing is also slightly lower than other brands.

Toppilot has not been classified on the c rate. However comparing to the other 75c batteries on the market, this new version’s discharge rate is slightly higher and the peak power lasts longer. It provides you full throttle in 2 mins without any problems. What’s more, the landing temp is a big advantage comparing to the old version.

Want to try out the latest Toppilot batteries? What you need to do is simply apply to be one of the Tattu team members. Please send your application email to [email protected] OR Apply it on here http://www.genstattu.com/toppilot/. Alternatively, you can get the selling version of our racing line batteries on R-LINE .

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toppilot lipo

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