Warming up for Lucky 7 Day


Congratulations. Once you enter this page, you are one more step to get your VIP card!

  1. Register on www.gensace.de,  click here to finish:  http://www.gensace.de/customer/account/login/

once you finish the registration( before 1st, Dec,2014), your status will become VIP one###


       ###You will enjoy 15%discount with your VIP status###

      ### Validity date: 2015.1.1-2015.4.1###()

Warming up for Lucky 7 Day

  2. Lucky  7 Day begins from 1st, Dec,2014 to 7th,Dec,2014(UTC/GMT +1)

Attention:  For this Lucky 7 Day activity, we mainly open to European users~~~

  1. Up to X%off( you will know the X number on 1st, Dec,2014)(UTC/GMT +1)
  2. Free shipping (For Germany: only available when order value over 69.99€ , For other Eu countries: only available when order value over 299.99€)

Lucky dog every day( everyday we will choose one order and return the 20% amount of it as your battery credit )

 Attention: Battery over 100wh  do not enjoy free shipping

  1. After Lucky 7 days, we will choose an order and return a credit which equals the full amount of it to the customer!

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