UAV Knows Which Cow Is Pregnant!!!

It is the time to change the mode of agriculture. The latest news from said that, UAVS can transform agriculture and lower costs while increasing efficiency.  The undertone is to say the application of UAVs in agriculture has great potential, not only in agribusiness, but also from family farms to massive ranches.

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What most attractive in this news is that one question: You want to find out which cow is pregnant? Yes, UAV can do that. So many of you will wonder how does this happen?

Well, here comes the answer : by sensing body heat. You may know UAV used in aerial photography. Actually it is now can be used in agriculture. Don’t you think this is very cool?

Suppose that you own a big farm of cow, if you want to check which one is pregnant then you can take a note that that one you can get milk from it. If you only have one or two cow, to check whether the cow is pregnant is very easy. But , once you are an owner of a big cow farm. Then, UAV can help you do this work.

First you need to get some equipment, a UAV, a body heat sensor.

Second, put the heat sensor with the UAV

The last but most important, install a Tattu battey in that UAV for power supply.

Now, your unmanned cow pregnant check flight is ready. What you need to do is control you UAV. It will help you find the pregnant one.

Anyway, this is a very interesting use but also practical use of UAV. As the development, the application of UAV will be wider and wider.


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