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Pit Tips has been a favorite RC Car Action department since the first issue hit newsstands over 30 years ago, and we do our best to bring you great ideas every month. We’ve published thousands of tips over the years, and below you’ll find ten recent favorites.

When you’re working on your car, you’ll always run into a spot where you need to get a screw installed but may not have the access you need unless you remove a bunch of parts. Who wants to do that? A piece of fuel tubing is all you need to get that screw installed.

Filling up your fuel bottle with nitro can be a messy deal. You can pour the fuel in after removing the spout but you’ll get more fuel on the ground than in the bottle. It can also be filled by using a small funnel but if you don’t stop soon enough you’ll have a bunch of fuel in the funnel and eventually on the ground. Fuel is expensive and something you won’t wait to waste. Fill your bottle by squeezing it and using it to suck the fuel into it.

If you’re care has an on/off switch that is mounted inline with the chassis, make sure you mount it so that the on position is facing the front end. This way when it takes a hard front hit the switch will stay on instead of turning off. This is even more important if you’re running a nitro or gas powered car. If that switch goes off you may have a run away on your hands.

I do a lot of wrenching and I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have a desk organizer laying around. They are great for keeping things organized and it doesn’t matter if you’re using it for a kit build or a rebuild. They don’t cost much and you’ll be happy that you picked one up.

Building turnbuckles is one of my least favorite things to do during a build. No matter how firm of a grip you have on the pliers the turnbuckle always moves around. That’s where a pair of mini locking pliers comes into play. They get a great grip on the turnbuckle and don’t let go. You can build you’re turnbuckles in a snap with this tool in your pit box.

Building a ball differential can be  a pain. Those little diff balls are not the easiest to pick up and place when using your fingers. Using a hex wrench and some grease however makes that job an easy one. Don’t forget to do the same when assembling the thrust bearing assembly.

It’s very important to make sure you give your LiPo a storage charge before putting them away for the day. It’s equally important to keep an eye on their voltage if they aren’t used for a long time. Setting a reminder to check your battery’s voltage on your phone is a great idea and will ensure that the voltage never goes too low.

On most cars you’ll find that the drive pins fall out the second you remove the wheel from your car. If you’re lucky the pin will fall onto the surface that you’re working on but there’s that time where it will fall into a black hole and will never be found again. Drive pins aren’t something that most of use have spares of and that means that you’ll be down for the count until you’re able to get to the hobby shop and pick up some more pins. A little Show Good on those pins is all you need to keep them in place.

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When you’re done with that loaf of bread, make sure you hold onto those bread tags. They are a great way to keep track of what batteries have a charge and what ones need charging. A third can be used on packs that have been storage charged if you’re running LiPos.

Using those little tubes that are included with your bottle of glue makes gluing tires much easier. Eventually those little tubes are lost or clog up and that makes it necessary to use the tip of the glue bottle to do the job and that ends up being a messy process. A small section of an antenna tube is all you need to reduce the mess and get those tires glued up right.

There are 10 Pit Tips that will make your RC life easier. You can also share as more as you can or the better experiece to us!

Not only we have to take care about the pits but also the other parts also need to be carefully used. Like power, of course the battery.

In the next course we will tell some tips about how to make #Gensace battery life longer.

Stay tune!


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