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FPV battery

The use and maintenance of the FPV battery

Now FPV all use Lipo battery, and there are many pilots that they all used 4s or 3s battery in the FPV racing competition.

The so-called 3s is composed of three layers lithium cells in series that shows each cell voltage is 3.7 volts, each lithium chip actual voltage is in the range of 2.75 to 4.2 volts. The capacitance marked on lithium is that the energy was getting when 4.2 volts discharge to 2.7 volts. The FPV lithium voltage must be kept at the range of 2.75 volts to 4.2 volts for use. If the battery voltage is lower than 2.75 volts, it is excessive discharge, lithium battery will expand and the chemical liquid will crystallize. The crystallization may pierce the internal structure that cause battery short circuit, even changes voltage charge into zero. The remote model airplane voltage is higher than 4.2 volts, it is overdischarge, the internal chemical reaction is too excessive and the lithium will expand, if voltage keeps charging, the RC lipo battery will expand and burn.

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The difference between UAV and the model airplane

What is the model airplane?

To put it simply,the model airplane is an aircraft with a simple system, flying at low speeds, imposing restriction on size, operating the flight in sight with remote-control unit.But different size of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has different performance, generally speaking,it is a aircraft with complex system ,needing the procedure to control,autonomous driving beyond the horizon.

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How can we lack RC car battery for carnival in the tracks

It is lucky for most of RC car fans to see various modified vehicles and shows performed by masters of drifting with roaring motors and drifting smoke. Many people think that RC cars are toys, which is absolutely not. RC is the abbreviation of remote control, and RC cars follow the strict restrictions regardless of body size or control effect and have high degree of simulation, which is far from what RC toys can do.

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The Best RC lipo batteries of Tattu

The RC LiPo batteries are Lithium polymer batteries that can be recharged and be re-used in the RC electric components. These batteries can be successfully used in RC planes, RC helicopters, UAV’s, and multi-rotor.

The features of RC LiPo batteries are:

· Lightweight and can be made in numerous shapes and sizes
· Large capacity/large amounts of energy in a small package
· High discharge rates – Ideal for high-power demanding electric motors
· No memory effect

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Gens ace RC car lipo battery

About RC car lipo battery

Remote control vehicles popularly known as R/C cars are the types of cars or trucks which are powered by a battery and can be manipulated from a distance using a dedicated transmitter or remote. Readers should take note that the term R/C can also be used to refer to radio controlled vehicles. Several sources of power such as electricity and gas can be used to power remote controlled cars. Due to its numerous advantages, RC car lipo battery is strongly recommended to be used in powering remote controlled vehicles. Gens ace 5000mah lipo battery is a perfect type of power source for the remote controlled cars.

Typical RC car batteries usually get old and become frail within a short span of time. Some batteries which come with the remote controlled cars cannot be depended on upon to power effectively the vehicles bearing in mind the fact that remote controlled cars usually require a decent and lasting source of energy to ensure ultimate performance. Most of the high-end remote-controlled cars are available in the market without batteries. Users of such remote controlled cars should not worry about what type of battery to use in powering their remote-controlled automobiles since Genstattu has all the solutions to their problems.

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How to extend battery life and why use frequently can keep the battery best performance?

If the traditional Ni battery is charged for too long, the liquid inside would crystallize. In the way, to maximize the performance, the full charge and discharge are required. However, for the 2 cell Lipo battery, we can charge it whenever we are convenient.
It is a false about the lifespan of lipo battery that we should replace the lipo battery after charged for 300-500 times.
Instead, the factor influenced the lifespan is the charging cycle, and the times of charging will not directly influence the lifespan.

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tattu toppilot lipo

The lipo battery characteristics and applications

Due to the good characteristics, the lipo battery is widely applied in mobile phones, cameras, laptops, cordless telephone, remote control, electronic toys and other electronic devices.


Li battery, nickel-cadmium battery and NI-MH battery

The cathode material of Lithium-ion battery is graphite crystal, and the anode material is Lithium superoxide (LiO2). In the charging process, Li-ion moves from anode to cathode and embeds in the graphite layer. In the discharging process, Li-ion separates from the cathode of graphite crystal and moves to anode. Apparently, Lithium is always appeared as Li-ion rather than Lithium metal in both charging and discharging process. Consequently, this kind of battery is called Li-ion battery, Lipo battery in short.
The advantages of Lipo batteries are small volume, huge capacity, light weight, non-pollution, high voltage of single cell, low self-discharging rate, more cycle times, but its price is comparatively high. Nickel – cadmium battery is gradually being replaced because of the low capacity, serious self-discharging and the pollution to the environment. NI-MH battery (nickel-metal hydride battery) is cost-efficient and eco-friendly, but since its single cell voltage is only 1.2V, it has some restrictions in the application.

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Tattu smart battery

Best UAV battery packs for multirotor fly Long flight time

Are you looking for UAV battery packs for your multirotor X8 or X4 etc., but still confusing about which brand is the best one and most suitable for multirotor? For fly long time pls read ahead and you will find out the answer.

How to choose UAV battery packs

Yes, let us come back to this topic now. How to choose the best uav battery? Before that, tell me what do you really command. Here are some questions just need to clarify a few things. How long flight time do you need? How much current is flowing in a ciruit and at what voltage for your multirotor? How much carrying capacity do you plan to? After you choose one battery, you can use this calculator formula to calculate your flight time, flight times =(Battery Capacity * Battery Discharge /Average Amp Draw) * 60

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Gensace &Tattu battery and drones

Gens ace Tattu Plus 22000mAh 6s Smart Battery Review

Gen ace as a well-known aircraft, drone, and RC model battery brand, gets a good consistent recognition and favor with its excellent battery performance and quality. It is believed that a lot of people will choose Gens ace for their important equipment. In recent years, due to the domestic market of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Increasing dramatically, the choice of drone’s battery is a hot topic in this field. If the flight control system of drone is “brain”, then the battery is undoubtedly provide “heart”. So when we choose “heart” for the main equipment DJI S1000, considering their market share, stability, after-sales service and many aspects, we finally decide and insist on using Grepow’s Tattu series dedicated drones battery.

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