Ultra small battery

Grepow Shaped Batteries in Wearable Bracelets

Here’s a product engineer. Recently, He was working on a wearable bracelet design and it’s starting to take shape, but…The selection of the battery has troubled him for a long time. He has tried lots of types like the small cylinder and the button, but they could not make good use of space for the […]

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The Video of Grepow Special Shaped Battery

Grepow is Gens Ace and Tattu batteries’ manufacturer, and one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers. Professional and specialize in high discharge rate battery, LIPO/Nimh battery and Shaped battery etc. Covering an area 7.6 hectare, 3000employees, 300 of them in R&D department; The engineers and technicians who have won several national patents. Grepow special shaped […]

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Grepow: Custom Shaped Battery Manufacturer

Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co., LTD. ( The abbreviation “Grepow”) was established in 1998. It is the only professional power battery manufacturer in China that can independently research and develop and simultaneously produce high-rate NiMH battery, lithium polymer battery, special-shaped battery, and lithium iron battery, and reach the high-end level of the same industry. The high-quality […]

Ultra small battery

Ultra Small Battery for Wearable Devices

In recent years, Wearables have been the most interesting new hardware field, but the biggest problem they face is the short battery life and ultra low weight.. No one wants a wearable device, they have to charge it multiple times a day. So how will we solve this problem? You need custom ultra small battery, […]