Tattu R-line battery review

Tattu R-line 1300mAh 4S Battery Review With Walkera F210

Frankly, being my first Li-Po review, I didn’t know hoe to start it. I took the Tattu R-line 4s 1300 mAh battery in my hand several times hoping for inspiration. Nothing, it was like holding a banal brick. Then, I realized that without the Li-Po technology drones could have not evolve this fast. Biggest advantage of lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries is?that they have about four times the energy density of the nickel cadmium or nickel–metal hybrid batteries.

As you probably already noticed, Li-Po batteries have usually 3 ~ 4 marks: number of cells (like: 4s), voltage (like 14.8V) discharge rate (like: 95C) and charging rate (not always specified).

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gens ace

Which brand of battery do I prefer


About 6 or 7 years ago I got my first RC vehicle…the Traxxas Rustler. When I got it, the guy at the shop recommended I get a lipo and lipo charger to really enjoy the fun. When he told me the Traxxas brand lipo was going to cost $60, I said no thank you and submitted myself to nimh for the next several months if not first full year. During that time, I also got a micro helicopter and a micro airplane which both used tiny 1s lipos. I took to flying pretty quickly so I started browsing the local shops selection of foam parkflyer airplanes. The prices on the planes weren’t too bad, but the lipos the shop sold (E-flite) were about $35 or $40. I actually ended up buying a slightly smaller plane (Parkzone Wildcat) because it used 1300mah batteries that only cost $23.

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Gens ace 520mah 2s and 3s Lipo battery for MINI FPV Racing Drones

Tattu GENS ACE 520mah 30C / 60C 2s 7.4v & 3s 11.1V are one of the best quality LIPO that we can buy for mini drones between 70-120 size. GENS ACE also is manufacturing well knowed batteries Tattu which are one of the best on the market like SLS or Bonka. These high class lipo are not a joke, it provides the best power I ever seen, if you never try it then do it & you will never back to old ones.

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Wingsland S6 Drone Final Reviews

(The article come from the users’ reviews) I was picked by Genstattu to give the Wingsland S6 a try. I have 10+ years of drone experience but in all my years I have never owned a pocket drone or a selfie drone. So I accepted the review! The capabilities promised in the drone seemed to good to be true in such a small package, but that’s why you do a review So here we go let’s test the unit!

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Tattu drone battery

The Tattu battery Testing From Hungary Pilot

Conclusion with one paragraph: The Gens Ace Tattu batteries are super strong, very light built with fine materials (for example the thickness of the cable, the balancer port protector etc.) and it burst out the energy exepcionally fast.I truly cannot take the energy fast enough out from the batteries with my 250 mm drone on 4S, plenty of power left in the pocket, which means it is not possible to kill these power sources with ordinary 2204 2300KV motors. Using very rigid Gemfan 5050×3 propellers meant nothing to this battery so I assume that it will be very durable in the long run. I absolutely recommend these batteries, the only question is the price. If you can find a bigger price off on the webshop of Tattu, do not hesitate, buy them all. Otherwise if you dont want to gamble with your drone risking that your powersource could not produce enough enegry for the motors the Tattu is always an excellent choice. Do not forget to check the new Tattu 1300mAh 4S limited editon battery as well.

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3 kinds of brand lipo batteries

3 kinds of Brand lipo batteries testing:Tattu,Dinogy,Drone Lab

We are testing 2 new LiPo batteries for racing mini quad, the Tattu and Dinogy. We will also compare the performance against the Drone Labs in our flight test.

Some might say it’s not fair or relevant to compare a 1550mah with a 1300mah. But I say it’s totally relevant in this case. If someone was going to buy some lipo today, considering these batteries are all very similar size/weight/price, they are all good for a 210 or 180 mini quad. The Dinogy is only less than 10g lighter than the Drone Lab.

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