RC Black Friday deals on Genstattu.com

Gens ace and Tattu Black Friday Sale

As for the RC hobbyist, you may be hope that there is a big saving on Black Friday, then you will prepare to buy some cheap and high quality RC accessories, such as RC lipo batteries, VR, motor and so on. Yes! You are come the right place, Genstattu.com that the Gen ace & Tattu official online shop made a great decide, we will make a big saving on Black Friday.

For 2016 the RC Black Friday deals, all of RC lipo batteries have discount. Do you interested in? But how much of a discount, we will publish it closer to the Black Friday. Let us look forward.

RC Black Friday deals

Genstattu RC lipo batteries including all of Gens ace series lipo battery and Tattu series. RC car series, drone/UAV series, RC airplane & HELI series and FPV series. All the products have difference voltage, C rate, capacity and fit your RC models.

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