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Tattu R-Line HV 1550mAh 4S 100C Review

The GensAce Tattu 4S High Voltage LiPo battery with 1550mAh capacity offers very long flight time for FPV drones. The 100C discharge rate gives you enough power for impressive acceleration and crazy punch outs. In addition to the above, the Tattu R-Line 4s 1550mAh adopts high voltage technology. Let’s discover more thoughts in our review. […]

Tattu R-line battery review

Tattu R-line 1300mAh 4S Battery Review With Walkera F210

Frankly, being my first Li-Po review, I didn’t know hoe to start it. I took the Tattu R-line 4s 1300 mAh battery in my hand several times hoping for inspiration. Nothing, it was like holding a banal brick. Then, I realized that without the Li-Po technology drones could have not evolve this fast. Biggest advantage of lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries is?that they have about four times the energy density of the nickel cadmium or nickel–metal hybrid batteries.

As you probably already noticed, Li-Po batteries have usually 3 ~ 4 marks: number of cells (like: 4s), voltage (like 14.8V) discharge rate (like: 95C) and charging rate (not always specified).

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R-Line test

Tattu R-Line 4S 1300mAh 95C Testing from fans

Hi guys,

Today I bring you the first batteries review on our website. How better than start with one of the best brands on Li-Po batteries world? Yes I’m talking about the Tattu brand. They released their FPV racing batteries, light, and high discharge rate, is what Tattu offer us with the R-Line. Made for high performance pilots, they give trust to draw all their energies with all the confidence that they will live for the next race. Tattu have 3 different versions:

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