Best 2in1 Wall Charger Power Bank of 2018

The power bank is no stranger to everyone, it is already a part of People’s Daily Necessities. Anyone who uses a smart-phone knows the importance of carrying a backup power bank. But given the overwhelming number of options on website, you might feel overwhelmed, understandably. Because you chosen the ordinary power bank, you need to consider the various charging specs, ports, and even cable, after that you need to consider what cable and charger charging for your power bank and cellphone when you travel. Now, it doesn’t need that much trouble, we found some new multi-function power banks – 2-in-1 wall charger power bank. Today, we will give you a guide to buying the best 2in1 wall charger power bank.

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What is in car emergency kit

As anyone who has ever broken down on the interstate, or even worse, on a rural back-road. There are few situations remotely as helpless and frustrating. Virtually all vehicles come with a basic car jack and spare tire, however, there are countless situations where these necessities are exceedingly useless. There are plenty of tried-and-true tools […]

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FAQ About Basic Knowledge of Power Bank

What is power bank?

Power bank serve as an extra battery’ or external charger for your phone or other electronic devices. It is a portable power source built of rechargeable battery, packed in a small case that can be carried in a handbag or purse. It has at least one input for charging and another recharging port that can be connected to a standard USB cable that can recharge portable electronic devices like smart-phones, media players and tablet PCs.

Most of the newest power-bank models, arrive with built-in Lithium polymer battery, which known by high efficiency and long lifetime.

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Anker 10400mah power bank

Top 5 High Capacity 10400mah Power Banks Guides

Power Bank is now almost a necessity. When you search “power bank” in website, too many sources, such as so many brands, so many capacities and appearances that make you unable to choose or need to take a lot of time to choose. So trouble! Now we studied that high capacity is more popular, so we make a guides about top 5 high capacity 10400mah power bank that is popular power banks. Hope it can help you when you choose high capacity power banks..

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