Ultra small battery

Ultra Small Battery for Wearable Devices

In recent years, Wearables have been the most interesting new hardware field, but the biggest problem they face is the short battery life and ultra low weight.. No one wants a wearable device, they have to charge it multiple times a day. So how will we solve this problem? You need custom ultra small battery, […]


iBMS – Intelligent Battery Management System

Intelligent battery management system(iBMS)is new battery technology that we add on to unmanned aircraft battery and RC hobby. Due to the fact that lithium polymer is delicate material; users are suggested to take good care when using the lipo batteries. To resolve this problem, We have applied the BMS to increase the battery life cycle. […]

black friday 2018 genstattu

2018 Black Friday Deal Guide on Genstattu.com

The Black Friday 2018 is coming soon, November 23rd, it is an excited day, it will have the biggest discount on that day. And the RC Hobbies fans will certainly be worth the wait, with some of the best deals you’ve seen this year on Gens Ace Tattu. This time, we will not let you […]

Tattu Funfly

Tattu New Member – FUNFLY Coming Soon

Hello, Funfly is the new lovely member of Tattu family. Fun is fly! Specially designed for daily training and freestyle. The price will give you big surprise. It is coming soon, let us pay more attention please on genstattu! Let us see more details:

2018 MultiGP International Open

Tattu New Product at MultiGP International Open 2018

Hello friends, The MultiGP International Open is one of the biggest FPV festivals in history! Do you attend it? In this event, Tattu announcement new product~ Hmm… Let’s to see… Tattu New Product: Tattu Bottle Water Option: Iced. Served location: MultiGP International Open ONLY. Served at TATTU GOLF CART Served time: August 10th – August 12th Availability: Free […]

quick charge phone

Global Fast Charging Technology

In recent years, one important concept – fast charging – has slowly made its way to the fore. Who doesn’t want a smartphone that can charge in minutes instead of hours? Actually, Apple, Qualcomm, Samsung, MTK, Huawei, OPPO and other brands have their own fast charging technology. Currently, there are two main implementations of fast charge technology. High-voltage fast charge: […]

world congress

2018 World Intelligence Congress Drone Racing in China

The drone has gradually become a hot topic in the development of society. It is a hot topic for the media, the public and the people inside and outside the industry. The 2nd World Intelligence Congress will hold in Tianjin China, and welcome to Tianjin, to participate in the 2018 world intelligence Congress (WIC) drone […]