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How To Extend Your Drone Battery Lifespan?

With the high science and technology development, the price of drone is lower and lower but it’s more and more advanced. However, there is a big problem-battery lifespan all hobbies face when flying drones. To all the batteries and drones manufacturers surprised, the short lifespan problems caused mostly by the pilots careless and ignorant management, and have no idea about how to protect and extend the batteries lifespan.
Then how to extend your drones battery lifespan? Here we go:

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How To Reduce The Potential Risk Of Drones?

The low-cost of buying and operating remotely piloted aircraft (drones) for commercial use has opened up a world of opportunity. With drones uses emerging in search and rescue, surveying, crop dusting and even deliveries, accidents, injuries and the potential for lawsuits are bound to follow. Some businesses are beginning to look at opportunities to revolutionize how basic services and dangerous tasks might be performed in the future. However, to revolutionize drones and make it more widely used, solving the potential risk of drones is the first and foremost task. Read more about How To Reduce The Potential Risk Of Drones?


Six Principles For Drone Battery Care

The duration of the battery is one of the essential factors to ensure a pleasant flight.Therefore, getting to know how to lengthen the lifespan for your drone is needed to be explored by every drone owner.

As everyone knows, it is very time-consuming to get a complete aerial photography or a video tapping for a limited battery capacity. The battery capacity may support only one-third of a complete aerial video tapping for a great power needed for the the motors, ESC, OSD,or receiver etc.

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Human helper tools for the working: Power Tool & Camera drone

Essentially, camera drones are flying machines which can work without any person to pilot them. Drones are the broad classification that could incorporate anything from a little two-ounce insectlle flying gadget to a remote-controlled toy plane, to aeronautical inflatable’s and kites that take photographs to map, to full-sized modern flying machine such as Global Hawk […]


7200 70c 4s1p,Best choice for 1/8 scale offroad

Couple months ago,we got a lot of feed backs, about 5000 4s is not enough for 1/8 scale,and two pieces of 7200mah,just added extra plugs and extra inner resistance,So we designed,and practiced,and finally,a new satisfied product is finally coming out.

7200mah 70c 4s1p.More than enough capacity and c rate,and we have tested the inner resistance as well.just beat the best.exact data would coming out soon,If you want to try,don’t hesitate,just limited quantity.


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FAQ about Lipo Batteries By Genstattu

LiPo batteries are normally safer and more environmentally friendly than other batteries like NiCd and NiMH. LiPo batteries have become the most common high performance R/C battery and are used in R/C cars, boats, planes, helis, multirotors and more. However, if charged, discharged, stored, maintained, or handled improperly, they can become extremely dangerous. Here we collect some frequently asked questions about Lipo batteries from RC hobbist and our customers. Read more about FAQ about Lipo Batteries By Genstattu

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FPV Racing 180 Quad Best Battery Size —Tattu 1300mAh

Given my newfound liking of 180 quads, I’ve been racking my head about what would be the 180 quad best battery size. This is for a high performance FPV racing 180 mini quad.

  • I first got into 180 size quads when a friend sold me his XE180 mini quad with Cobra 2204/28 2300kv motors and LittleBee 20A ESCs. The XE180 happens to be a very light quad if built right. Mine is 275 grams without battery. At the time, I had a bunch of Turnigy Nanotech 4S 45c – 90c 1300mah batteries. I didn’t want to spend money on anything else so I decided I’d be flying those. And hey, I’ve had great success with them. I’m certainly not a Nanotech hater. They’ve been great to me

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Safely Handling and Feeding Your Drone Batteries

   There are different kinds of Lithium based batteries, but the most common for Drone use is the Lithium Polymer cell, due to the lightweight construction and the performance associated with this type of battery. Lithium Polymer Batteires have a high discharge rate and a high energy storage/weight ratio. Treat a Li-Po battery well, and it will serve you faithfully.  So how do you avoid the pitfalls of Li-Po battery use, and make sure you have a long and happy relationship with your current Lipo battery packs? Well, we’re here to let you in on the secrets. At first,  we start with the basic tips of LiPo battery maintenance.

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The Basic Knowledge of Lipo Battery

The Basic Knowledge of Lipo Battery

With appealing attributes such as low weight, high energy density, and ever greater discharge rates, Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) batteries have transformed all facets of RC. The emergence and continual improvement of these batteries has provided a significant performance boost for RC cars, boats, airplanes, and helicopters, while also paving the way for new vehicles such as multi-rotors. Lipo batteries can quickly become damaged or even catch on fire. Today, I will be sharing the basics knowledge of lithium polymer batteries so you can use them safely and effectively in your future projects. Read more about The Basic Knowledge of Lipo Battery