quick charge phone

Global Fast Charging Technology

In recent years, one important concept – fast charging – has slowly made its way to the fore. Who doesn’t want a smartphone that can charge in minutes instead of hours? Actually, Apple, Qualcomm, Samsung, MTK, Huawei, OPPO and other brands have their own fast charging technology. Currently, there are two main implementations of fast charge technology. High-voltage fast charge: […]


The Guides to Maintain the Drone

Drones are more popular than ever. They are fun to fly and are excellent for taking aerial photographs. If you are going to invest in a drone, it is important to know how to properly maintain it. Below are ten tips to ensure that your drone stays in top condition and flies safely. Keep your drone […]


What Things to Bring When Traveling

As a travel enthusiast, I always travel all over of our country with my friend. We love to take photos or make some videos during our journey. It feels very amazing to travel to somewhere you have never been. As we all know, before we begin our journey, we need to prepare our baggage first, […]

internal resistance

The basic knowledge of RC battery internal resistance

Battery is necessary accessories of RC plane. Different type battery has a different internal resistance. The use in different chemistry materials in same types of batteries, will also lead to different internal resistance. Normally internal resistance is very small that we are measuring with milliohms. It’s a very important standard in measuring battery’s performance. Normally, batteries with very low internal resistance have higher discharge power, vice versa.

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