Tattu drone battery solutions

How to Get a Custom Drone Battery Solution Quickly

The 8th International Conference and Exhibition on Unmanned Systems was held on 7 November at an exhibition centre near Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel. The one-day conference, entitled “The Future of Unmanned Systems: Intelligent Solutions Through Unmanned Systems”, attracted more than 2,000 delegates from more than 20 countries and regions. Israeli industry insiders at […]

high discharge battery-1

High Rate Discharge Battery VS Normal Battery

What is high Rate discharge battery? The high rate is representative of the charge and discharge capability of the lithium-ion polymer battery with respect to the ordinary rate. The high-rate battery is divided into a discharge rate and a charge rate, and “C” is used to indicate the ratio of the charge and discharge current […]


How lipo battery’s performance affected by temperature?

I think everyone here must have the similar experience with me, your smartphone will consume very fast, your phone will dead for only half a day. In fact, the lithium-ion polymer batteries are the vast majority used of smartphones, and a variety of factors will affect the performance of the lipo battery. These factors are […]

gens ace 5500 shorty

How to Choose the Best 2s Shorty LiPo Pack

Nowadays, more and more driver tend to power their RC cars with shorty lipo pack. With its lighter weight than other packs, it’s more fit for RC racing. Someday, you may find you really need one, too. So, today, I’ll introduce some shorty battery pack from Gens ace. And how to choose the best 2s […]


Precautions For Quadcopter Batteries in Winter

Most of the quadcopters are powered by lipo batteries, a low-temperature environment will greatly decrease the performance of a lipo battery. When exposed to a temperature below 15°C, the chemically reactive substance in the battery obviously decreases as well as the discharging ability influenced by the increase of its internal resistance, and the voltage drop […]


The best way of disposal swollen lipo battery

A swollen battery can occur due to a variety of reasons, maybe you crashed your Quadcopter or you over-discharge or over-charge battery. If you notice a swollen battery it is safest to stop using it and throw it away. How to disposal swollen lipo battery? Let us see the tips: Swollen lipo battery Disposal Summary When […]

how to choose a car charger x700_feature

How to choose USB Car Charger

These days, we are fixed to our tablets and smartphones, but sadly, it’s difficult to make certain they’re ever juiced up. For instance, say the entire family wants a charge on a road journey? No difficulty. Plus if you require giving any extra energy to backseat drivers? so, there’s one more thing you shouldn’t leave […]

power charging

How to charge power bank?

Having a power bank with you can be extremely convenient, especially when you are out of the house and away from a power outlet. Power banks ensure that your devices won’t run out of charge. However, in order to charge your devices on the go, your power bank itself has to be charged. Power banks […]

How to charge you iPhone faster

How to charge your iPhone faster

Maybe you don’t always have enough time to charge your iPhone fast, a lot of people don’t have enough patience to wait for the iPhone is fully charged. So you need to learn a good way to charge your iPhone fast; you only armed with a bit of knowledge you can dramatically reduce the time […]