Gens Ace and Tattu Christmas Super Sale 2017

Another Christmas is on the corner, Merry you Christmas! And there are a good deal to you, you can find many amazing deals on (EU) and (USA). It is the best deals of the year.

EU Office

For the Gens ace Europe online shop: Christmas super sale

1. Up to 40% off deal, buy more save more

You can get the best deals on batteries. We have selected dozens of best selling batteries across all categories and give them the awesome discount of the year. Most of them are rarely on offer but you can find them on super great deals this Christmas. And the buy more save more offer is still on, together with super deals you can save even more, especially on big orders. You can save up to €25 on your orders. Save extra €10 on orders over €150, €25 off orders over €250.

2. Prize draw, 100% win coupon

Besides the best selling batteries, there are also free prize draw to win coupon, just after you sharing Christmas page to social sites .It’s 100% win, means that everyone could get a coupon, and there are 2, €5, €10, €20, €50 or €100 coupon code. You could use your code for purchases straight away or save to your email for use in the future.

3. Christmas 10% discount code offer

Last but not least, This Christmas we are super excited to offer everyone at this blog an exclusive extra 10% off for your orders on Discount code: GENSACE17BF. Here is exclusive code for online retail users only. Thanks for your support to the blog and Gens ace/Tattu.

USA Office

For gens ace and tattu USA online shop: Christmas super sale

1. Up to 40% off, buy more save more.

The same with EU shop, some popular items up to 40% off and besides has buy more save more, when you order over $100, you will have 10% off.

2. Special gift codes

Extra 10% off, no limited. Discount code: XMAS10 (Aha… It is secret code)

This Christmas ends in 1st, January, and check out the batteries you need for your daily RC fun. Our super deals won’t let you down.

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