Gens ace lipo for X-Class

Gens Ace lipo batteries for X Class Drone Racing

X Class consists of passionate FPV pilots and enthusiasts who want to keep pushing the boundaries of drone racing, and bigger is better. The goal is to bring giant drone racing to the world of race fans! X class drone racing 2019 will begin March 2, 2019, are you attend this event? In this Event, […]

2018 MultiGP International Open

Tattu New Product at MultiGP International Open 2018

Hello friends, The MultiGP International Open is one of the biggest FPV festivals in history! Do you attend it? In this event, Tattu announcement new product~ Hmm… Let’s to see… Tattu New Product: Tattu Bottle Water Option: Iced. Served location: MultiGP International Open ONLY. Served at TATTU GOLF CART Served time: August 10th – August 12th Availability: Free […]

world congress

2018 World Intelligence Congress Drone Racing in China

The drone has gradually become a hot topic in the development of society. It is a hot topic for the media, the public and the people inside and outside the industry. The 2nd World Intelligence Congress will hold in Tianjin China, and welcome to Tianjin, to participate in the 2018 world intelligence Congress (WIC) drone […]

2017 Gens Ace Gran Prix

[EVENT] 2017 Gens Ace Gran Prix

Gens Ace Gran Prix this weekend!! This is gonna be an awesome event!!

Location: Speedworld Raceway 90 Corporation Yard Road Rosevile, CA 95678
Date: Sep 29th – 1st Oct(Fri-Sun)
Friday: Open practice 10am-7pm
Saturday: Open practice 7am-9:30am. 3 rounds of qualifying
Sunday: Open practie 7am-9am. 4th round of qualifying and the Main events.

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Tattu at the Ersa Euro Cup 2016

Here is Gens ace and Tattu Roadtrip to Ibiza, incl. the Event, the Winner Ceremony and a short trip to a great spot.

For me it was the hardest and greatest Trip i ever did until now, i met great people, doesnt matter from where and what they believe in.
Everybody just wanted to have a great time at the Ersa Euro Cup, and the Team around Nigel Tomlinson, tried their best to make that possible for everyone.

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3DX Asia Pacific 2016

3DX Asia Pacific 2016 in ShenZhen

3DX Asia Pacific 2016 is held in ShenZhen LongGang on Oct 28th to 30th, it’s organizer by ShenZhen LongGang district people’s government. And 3DXAP Events organized at three distinct levels, International Class, Asia-pacific experts, Asia-pacific sports man, Asia-pacific sports man will fly Set Manoeuvres and Free Style. At the same time, the event organizers provided a $100,000 reward.

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Enjoy the photos of the 2016 World Drone Racing Championships

Enjoy the photos of the world drone racing championship 2016

The 2016 world drone racing championship is hold in the famous Kualoa Ranch, on the Island of O’ahu, Hawaii. And over 30 countries around the world pilots come here to compete on world-class courses, and the same time the world wide of Tattu pilots are also attended the drone racing, they bring us the pictures from the drone racing championship online. Let’s to enjoy.

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