The tips of UAV Flight safety

At the beginning of 2016, Amazon broke the news that they planning to use UAV distribution. On an interview, they put forward the target of UAV distribution and when the user place an order they hope to be able to complete the delivery within 30mins. With the UAV is more and more popular, at the same time the security and privacy questions are also facing emerging. But I think it is can’t stop the more and more hobbyist passion. After all, the UAV application is more and more close to life.

For the most male, when they were young they are crazy the RC car or RC plane. But when they face the UAV really fly ten meters or hundreds meters high altitude, the beginner is not able to get started. Due to lake of experience, and not enough to understand the performance of UAV itself, external environment of the flight is not sensitive and other reasons, it is easy to “crash”. To avoid this, I will to share the tips about UAV flight safety.

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The Wingsland S6 Drone:can avoid obstacle handheld UAV?

Wingsland has brought many types of UAVs to the 17th China international model fair, such as Minivet, Vipro and K3 etc. In only a few months later, they will hold the Wingsland S6 Drone conference in Beijing on August 18th, which has become the main focus of consumer UAVs.

According to the video that Wingsland revealed, the Winsland S6 is a hand-held UAV with foldable arms and propellers. It’s an amazing new product.

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