TATTU smart battery with BMS

Standard and Smart Lithium Polymer Batteries

Unmanned and self-operating vehicles (often known as UAVs, UGVs, AUVs, USVs, etc.) are powered with batteries. Larger, driverless vehicles, in particular, can be powered by an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) that is typically paired with a Lead-Acid battery. Drones, on the other hand, usually use a Lithium-ion Polymer (LiPo) battery. In this article, we will explore […]

Tattu drone battery solutions

How to Get a Custom Drone Battery Solution Quickly

The 8th International Conference and Exhibition on Unmanned Systems was held on 7 November at an exhibition centre near Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel. The one-day conference, entitled “The Future of Unmanned Systems: Intelligent Solutions Through Unmanned Systems”, attracted more than 2,000 delegates from more than 20 countries and regions. Israeli industry insiders at […]

tattu plus 1.0 12S battery

Tattu Plus1.0 12S Aerial Photography Drone Battery Hotting Sale

Nowadays drones open hundreds of amazing possibilities to create wonderful photos and videos. Everything depends just on your imagination. However, one of the important to choose the drone, which will be able to satisfy all your needs. And the other important thing is choose the best Aerial photography drone battery, give your more fun aerial photography. Today, […]


The Guides to Maintain the Drone

Drones are more popular than ever. They are fun to fly and are excellent for taking aerial photographs. If you are going to invest in a drone, it is important to know how to properly maintain it. Below are ten tips to ensure that your drone stays in top condition and flies safely. Keep your drone […]


Parrot ANAFI Battery: Up to 25mins Flight Times

As we known, the popular French drone company: Parrot announced has a new machine on 6th June – Parrot ANAFI. The new drone is a folding drone with a focus on the flying 4K HDR camera. Aside from it’s solid portability, the main feature of this new drone has an integrated camera that offers stunning […]


Recommend High Capacity lipo battery for your multirotor UAV

Are you looking for high capacity liPo batteries for your multirotor drones? When you choice the drone batteries, you maybe pay more attention to the battery performance, longevity, weight, size, price and so on. For the convenience of making a better choice, we list some best drone batteries that recommended by the community in 2017.

As we know, Tattu UAV battery has great reputation in RC hobby field. And provide kinds of voltage, discharge rate and plug’s batteries. This time, we recommend some 4S and 6S lipo packs that the most popular voltage for large multirotor drone currently. And for the multirotor UAV battery, the capacity is between 10000mAh and 30000mAh. And you can choose depends on yourself.

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Tattu 18000mAh 6S

Introducing Tattu Plus 2.0 18000mAh 6S1P 22.2V 15C Intelligent Lipo Battery

Tattu Plus2.0 18000mAh 6S1P 22.2V 15C Intelligent Lipo Battery is the upgraded version of Tattu Plus 1.0. It comes with new intelligent protection and LED indication system. It’s mainly designed for DJI S1000, agriculture spraying drone, pesticide spraying drone, farming drone, aerial photography drone, survey drone and some other Multirotors.
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The difference between Xiaomi 4K drone and 1080P

As we know, Xiaomi drone 1080P released on 25th May 2016, and 3rd March 2017 Xiaomi finally announced its 4K version drone. So what’s the difference between Xiaomi Drone 4K version and 1080P version? First of all, let’s see comparison chart. For appearance to distinguish them is the golden LOGO and aureate ventilation holes.The 1080P […]

xiaomi 4k drone

Do you know about Xiaomi 4k drone

In March, Xiaomi released the 4k version drone, there’s a HD camera on it. And I just fly it just several days ago, and I will let you know what my feelings.

It’s easy to fly, with beginner mode

I just got a drone, and then got it all working together, turn on it at twice times when the light of two switches both come white, that means you can fly. With a beginner mode, it`s more easy to fly this drone. And you can control all of directions or circle around something just by rocker.

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