China: Aerial Photography on National Day

National Day could be one of the most busy day for all the Chinese. People during this holiday will have their own plans. Travelling is the hottest topic. As for this holiday, it will last one week. So the hot scenic spot is expected to be crowded. Well, now we can take a look at the most hottest topic—Transportation.

Usually , the transportation is very busy. Let alone to say in such a holiday. People will go back to their hometown. So the traffic will be incredible busy. What’s more, the traffic jam or accident rate is higher than usual.

functional multicopter


Multicopter now is said to be used to monitor the traffic, when you see so many people, you will know why!

heavy traffic



These pictures above are taken by the traffic police from Ningbo. According to their saying, the aerial photography has given a lot of help and reduce much work.

Whatever, the cover of multicopter will become more and more common. Here the editor from Genstattu will give you more latest information of the relative field!


Hope all guys have a good day.

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