Automation in Grepow factory

Today, I am bringing you to Grepow, one of the best manufacturers of lithium polymer batteries. I am visiting Grepow’s factory as a customer. Firstly, I was brought to the master control center. It’s really amazing, when I see it, I just shocked by its automation. From this center you can scan every production department. A ‘red dragon’ animated icon shows up to indicate that something is wrong at that line. ehh….beyond my words.

Grepow -Automation

What’s more, they also own a IQC inspection lab and test center. The testing machines in this lad have reached the same standard of those in Certification organization. It can be seen that Grepow has the ability to test external products and issue product certifications.

Grepow factory

Secondly, I visit their production line, before going into the workshop. You need to wear dust shields and face mask and go through wind clean before entering. Once I stepped into the workshop something caught my eyes. How interesting it is, look! It’s a car moved itself transported something from one place to another place just by its settings, and it would not deviate from the route because it would scan the black route, and it is so smart that if you block its way, you`ll heard the alarm goes on, warning you to clear it’s path..


And what surprised me is that almost all of machines in Grepow are executed by programs written by their own Technology R & D department. This department owns more than 200 professional engineers and technical staffs.

Lastly, they have shown me the Production Process, includes: mixing – coating – pressing – stacking – tab welding – sealing – scanning – capacity test – selecting – matching – packing. There are many advanced machine in all the production lines, and when the battery was completed sealing and scanning, staff in Grepow will test the battery, if the battery not meet the standards. The Grepow staff would never let the one flow to the market. No wonder that Grepow Lipo battery has build up such high reputations after these years.

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