Tattu 2in1 Power Bank with AC Wall Charger Review

Charge two devices at home or on-the-go with the Tattu 2in1 Power Bank AC Wall Charger.

When you combine a love of tech with an on-the-go lifestyle, power management becomes increasingly more complicated. Despite regular upgrades/updates, devices like our iPhones, iPads, Nintendo Switch must be charged frequently. With minimal use you may be able to get a day out of an iPhone, maybe a few days out of an iPad, but only a few hours out of the Nintendo Switch. One thing is certain; whomsoever improves our battery technology will be one of the richest people in the world. For now, we will need to continue to rely on wall chargers and portable batteries. Or, if you desire to space-saving convenience, you can use a hybrid device like that from Tattu.

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4 port wall charger-1

Tattu 4 port wall charger review: Charge faster

With the increase of electronic device, a single USB port wall charger is not enough for us. With many people wanting to recharge not only their smartphone but also a table or other electronic devices at the same time. So multi-port wall charger is great to choose for us, charge the multi-electronic devices at the same time, save your time and money. I used Tattu 4 port wall charger only $14.99 on genstattu.com

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type C wall charger

Best USB Type C Wall Charger Reviews & Buying Guide

USB Type-C is becoming increasingly common in tablets and laptops, and USB-C cable also will become to be more and more universal. Firstly, it’s become more faster. USB-C is the future when it comes to charging our portable devices. The reason for that is because the Type-C standard is able to deliver faster charging for […]

quick charge car charger

How to Choose USB Car Charger? [Infographic]

These days, we are fixed to our tablets and smartphones, but sadly, it’s difficult to make certain they’re ever juiced up. For instance, say the entire family wants a charge on a road journey? No difficulty. Plus if you require giving any extra energy to backseat drivers? so, there’s one more thing you shouldn’t leave […]

Tattu 34W 4 Ports USB AC Adapter

TOP 5 Multi Port Travel USB Wall Charger of 2018

Although we are no stranger to wall charger, and often need to use every day. However, when you charge more devices at the same time, you know it can be pain in the ass to charge them all at the same time, not only each device comes with its own wall charger but also the lack of charging ports that you need to find. So you need to choose the best multi port wall charger to stop worrying about the more devices charge at the same time, and get yourself a wall charger that can accommodate all your devices at once. Here we list the top 5 best Multi Port Travel USB wall charger for people who own multiple iPhones and iPads.

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What Things to Bring When Traveling

As a travel enthusiasts, i always travel all over of our country with my friend. We love to take photos or make some videos during our journey. It feel very amazing to travel to somewhere you have never been. As we all know, before we begin our journey, we need to prepare our baggage first, […]