Matt Roper

Call Sign
FPV Pilot
Colorado 5B Finals

My passion for flying began with RC Airplanes, my father and I would fly them, crash them, then spend many hours and many dollars fixing them.  Now the tradition continues as my son’s also fly with me, (and crash their quads too)!  I did a short stint with Heli’s than quickly fell for quads.  I started with the larger quads,  then became obsessed with FPV and racing quads.    FPV morning, noon and night, led me to start the first MultiGP group here in Colorado; "The Other Guy FPV”  My skill in building quads, has led me to meet a lot of great new people and help them enjoy this awesome hobby as much as I do!!

Upcoming races and events;
Colorado 5b National Qualifier
MultiGP National Championship
Those Funken Drones
August, Colorado
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