Micah Morton

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Micah FPV
FPV Pilot
2016 MultiGP 5A Regional Finals & National Championships
2015, 2016
My name is Micah Morton, I'm an FPV pilot, race organizer and overall life-long RC enthusiast.  For over 30 years, I have been up to my arm pits in RC with few breaks in between.  I started in FPV with a charpu video, a FliteTest ElectroHub and soon after a MassiveRC Emax 250 Nighthawk.   I upgraded rapidly from fast to faster to fastest. I was no longer stumbling around a race course, but rather finding the limit of the throttle stick and wanting more.  Since those days (spoken like it was years ago, but in fact only months ago) I've grown by leaps and bounds and am constantly wanting to push myself to be better than I was yesterday and needing to move my way up the charts both locally and globally.   
 Father to an amazing daughter and husband to an incredible and supportive wife, life doesn't get much better.  I work as a Systems Engineer for a Public School district in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. When I'm not FPV'ing, I'm spending time with the family; camping, fishing or playing in the sand at the beach.  
 In addition to ripping some proverbial "balls" in races and freestyle, I also founded and act as President of Northwest FPV; a regional hub, community and racing chapter in the Pacific Northwest.  My goal is to foster a central environment where anybody can find a place to fly and people to fly with wherever they may live in our beautiful corner of the country; whether they live here or are just driving through. All are welcome.
 I want to thank Tattu for this amazing opportunity to represent a product I already use and love.

Video link


Website: http://www.micahfpv.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/micah_fpv

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/micah_fpv/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/micahmorton

•Upcoming events and dates

Portland MultiGP 5A Regional Qualifier - 6-26-2016:

Whiting Lightning - Pacific Northwest Race - 7-9-2016

Northwest FPV's Management Retreat (Freestyle+Racing) - 7-15-2016 through 7-17-2016

IDRA Pacific Northwest Qualifier - 7-16-2016

Northwest FPV's MultiGP 5A Regional Finals - 8-5-2016 through 8-7-2016

Philthyy's Fun Fly and FPV Race - 8-13-2016

More events being created every day. Look for me here as well: http://www.multigp.com/page/MultiGPUniversalTimeTrialTracks



My go-to quad is still a Shendrones Tweaker 180 with KISS 24A ESC's, KISS FC and T-Motor F30's.  And of course, it's running Tattu 75C 4S 1300mAh's

•Favorite food/dish

My favorite food is definitely Linguica - a spicy portuguese sausage that, no matter how you cook it, is freaking amazing.   My favorite dish is my mothers enchiladas.  Nobody makes it quite like mom.  Don't tell my my wife.